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Hobo Radio 79 – You can’t do that on television

Introduction Friday the 13th Family Guy vs. the PTC Contractually obligated Batman discussion “Big Dick Farts a Polka” by Jonathan Coulton [display_podcast] Week 79 Spotlight: You can’t do that on television In this post-Janet Jackson “Nipplegate” world, there are joyless organizations like the Parents Television Council that

Hobo Radio 78 – Why aren’t we watching the Watchmen?

Introduction Buffalo Bill The Watchmen Contractually obligated Batman discussion “Haunted” by Tell-Tale Heartbreakers [display_podcast] Week 78 Spotlight: Why aren’t we watching the Watchmen? Today, Watchmen hits theaters and surprisingly, Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle aren’t camped out in front of a multiplex. It seems that our nerdy

Hobo Radio 77 – Why so serious?

Introduction Valentine’s Day updates A serious discussion Contractually obligated Batman discussion “Falling in Love” by Heath Whitelock [display_podcast] Week 77 Spotlight: Why so serious? This week, Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle attempt to do something unprecedented – they attempt to have a serious discussion about a sensitive

One on One with Michael Emerson

From the moment he first arrived on screen claiming to be an innocent balloonist marooned on the island, Benjamin Linus has been an unstoppable force on Lost. While normally depicted as a cold and calculating villain, it now seems that Linus is the only character who can

Hobo Radio 75 – That’s f’ing distracting!

Introduction The Wrestler update Contractually obligated Batman discussion Christian Bale, Michael Phelps and the Super Bowl “Bale Out (Christian Bale remix)” by RevoLucian [display_podcast] Week 75 Spotlight: That’s f’ing distracting! In the last seven days, many things have changed. Christian Bale had a public meltdown on the

Hobo Radio 74 – This time with feeling

Introduction Super Bowl Sunday The Wrestler Contractually obligated Batman discussion Shout out to Callburner and the TPN Pledge Drive “Better Off” by Car 54 [display_podcast] Week 74 Spotlight: This time with feeling This Sunday, the world’s oldest man will square off against a defrosted caveman in what

Hobo Radio 73 – Give us our damn cookies!

Introduction Girl Scout cookies Lost thoughts Contractually obligated Batman discussion Academy Award predictions “Grind” by Melt [display_podcast] Week 73 Spotlight: Give us our damn cookies! A lot has happened since our last podcast. Barack Obama officially became the 44th President of the United States. Lost returned to

Hobo Radio 72 – Bruce Wayne, 1938 – 2009

Introduction The impending inauguration NFL playoff picture An Adolf Hitler Campbell update The death of Batman Can Heath Ledger be replaced as The Joker? “World of Wonders” by Lea Marie [display_podcast] Week 72 Spotlight: Bruce Wayne, 1938 – 2009 This past Wednesday, Bruce Wayne was tragically killed

Hobo Radio 71 – The Year of Lars Periwinkle

Introduction 2009 is Lars’ year Jason Statham Contractually obligated Batman discussion Ranking Catwomen “Re: Your Brains” by Jonathan Coulton [display_podcast] Week 71 Spotlight: The Year of Lars Periwinkle According to Chinese calenders, 2009 is the Year of the Ox. But here at HoboTrashcan, 2009 is the Year

Hobo Radio 70 – We wish you a Merry Christmas

Introduction A Lars update Christmas spirit Contractually obligated Batman discussion Harry Potter and No Country For Old Men “Feliz Navidad” by Christmas with Beer [display_podcast] Week 70 Spotlight: We wish you a Merry Christmas Christmas may be less than a week away, but it seems like Joel