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Hobo Radio 72 – Bruce Wayne, 1938 – 2009

Introduction The impending inauguration NFL playoff picture An Adolf Hitler Campbell update The death of Batman Can Heath Ledger be replaced as The Joker? “World of Wonders” by Lea Marie [display_podcast] Week 72 Spotlight: Bruce Wayne, 1938 – 2009 This past Wednesday, Bruce Wayne was tragically killed

Hobo Radio 71 – The Year of Lars Periwinkle

Introduction 2009 is Lars’ year Jason Statham Contractually obligated Batman discussion Ranking Catwomen “Re: Your Brains” by Jonathan Coulton [display_podcast] Week 71 Spotlight: The Year of Lars Periwinkle According to Chinese calenders, 2009 is the Year of the Ox. But here at HoboTrashcan, 2009 is the Year

Hobo Radio 70 – We wish you a Merry Christmas

Introduction A Lars update Christmas spirit Contractually obligated Batman discussion Harry Potter and No Country For Old Men “Feliz Navidad” by Christmas with Beer [display_podcast] Week 70 Spotlight: We wish you a Merry Christmas Christmas may be less than a week away, but it seems like Joel

One on One with John DiMaggio

He's brought life to a beer swilling, cigar chomping robot and twice saved the world from a horde of underground locusts, but now John DiMaggio faces what is perhaps his most difficult challenge - making Aquaman cool. DiMaggio is known for his role as Bender the robot

Hobo Radio 68 – The triumphant return of Lars Periwinkle

Introduction A Lars update Contractually obligated Batman discussion part one Contractually obligated Batman discussion part two Contractually obligated Batman discussion part three “W’s Duty” by Jonathan Coulton Week 68 Spotlight: The triumphant return of Lars Periwinkle Two weeks ago, Lars Periwinkle was mysteriously absent from the show.

Hobo Radio 67 – The Old Man and the Socialist

Introduction Political discussion “A Few Honest Words (Remix)” by Ben Sollee feat. DJ 2nd Nature Week 67 Spotlight: The Old Man and the Socialist In past years, those looking to be scared on Halloween might pop in a DVD of their favorite vampire or zombie movie. This

Hobo Radio 66 – Party poopers

Introduction Halloween costumes Drinking advice Contractually obligated Batman discussion – Batman vs. Superman “Your Year” by Last Letter Read Week 66 Spotlight: Party poopers While Joel Murphy and Lars are used to being the life of the party wherever they go, their refusal to wear costumes to

Hobo Radio 65 – Ranting and raving

Introduction Joe the Plumber Billy Bob Thornton, ladies man Pulling back the curtain Hobo Stu Contractually obligated Batman discussion “Code Monkey” by Jonathan Coulton Week 65 Spotlight: Ranting and raving You have probably all realized by now that Joel Murphy is filled with a considerable amount of

Hobo Radio 64 – Chuck vs. the ratings

Introduction Financial advice The new face of television Contractually obligated Batman discussion “Forget to Breathe” by Renee Cassar Week 64 Spotlight: Chuck vs. the ratings This week, Joel Murphy was alarmed to discover that one of his favorite shows, Chuck, is struggling to find an audience this

Hobo Radio 63 – Dude, where’s my car?

Introduction Death wishes What happened to Lars’ car? Contractually obligated Batman discussion “The Perfect Woman” by Bo Burnham Week 63 Spotlight: Dude, where’s my car? When Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott’s car went missing, it was the beginning of a wacky and unpredictable journey involving aliens