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Hobo Radio – A cromulent Simpsons spectacular

Introduction Joe Dunn and webcomic innovations The Simpsons “Grind” by Melt Week 49 Spotlight: A cromulent Simpsons spectacular. On 6-6-06, the day of the beast, the first Hobo Radio podcast was unleashed on the world. Two years later, the show is in a state of flux –

Hobo Radio – Feeling Lost without a co-host

Introduction Brian’s shocking announcement A spoiler warning Thoughts on Lost‘s season finale “Deviatory” by Apothys Week 48 Spotlight: Feeling Lost without a co-host. After a mysterious absence last week, Brian Murphy triumphantly returns to the podcast this week. But the Murphy brother’s joyful reunion is short-lived because

Hobo Radio – If you smell what Barack is cooking

Introduction The popcorn pusher Hand to hand combat Politics “Fine, be that way” by The Hazzards Week 47 Spotlight: If you smell what Barack is cooking. Last week, Brian Murphy talked about sneaking onto Richmond International Raceway to do a few laps. This week, he is mysteriously

Hobo Radio – Back and better than ever

Introduction New format Let’s go racing, boys The Cheese Man Grand Theft Auto IV and the Uncanny Valley “(Dude) Let’s Get Boners” by The Hazzards Week 46 Spotlight: Back and better than ever … Hectic schedules and technical difficulties have kept Brian and Joel Murphy off the

Hobo Radio – It’s a bird, it’s a plane …

Introduction Superhero Movie Iron Man The Incredible Hulk The Dark Knight Step Brothers “Ooh Girl! (An honest R&B song)” by Mike Polk Week 45 Spotlight: It’s a bird, it’s a plane … While Superhero Movie, the latest offering from the brain trust behind the Scary Movie franchise,

Hobo Radio – Saying goodbye to The Wire

Introduction Discussion about The Wire Closing thoughts “Tick Tock” by Lance Reddick Week 44 Spotlight: Saying goodbye to The Wire. Brian and Joel Murphy are back with an all-new episode, which pays tribute to the best show on television, The Wire, which aired its final episode this

Hobo Radio – An All American Valentine’s Day

Introduction Bubby and The All American Podcast Politics End of the writers’ strike Peyton’s little brother Valentine’s Day plans “The Town Crotch” by Jonathan Coulton Week 43 Spotlight: An All American Valentine’s Day. On February 16, 2006, David “Bubby” Green posted his first All American Podcast on

Hobo Radio – Rise and shine campers

Introduction Groundhog Day Art Monk Super Bowl Sunday “Ur So Gay” by Katy Perry Week 42 Spotlight: Rise and shine campers. In the classic movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character finds himself trapped on February 2nd, forced to live the same day over and over again until

Hobo Radio – New Year, same busted show

Introduction San Francisco Music is a privilege on Hobo Radio The big news “Gone Daddy” by Gary Jules Week 41 Spotlight: New Year, same busted show. With Christmas and New Year’s Eve officially in the rear view mirror, the Murphy brothers are back with the first Hobo