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Hobo Radio 56 – More like Star “Bores”

Introduction Contractually obligated Batman discussion Lars has a question George Lucas’ evil plan “Writing Letters” by Kids Can’t Fly Week 56 Spotlight: More like Star Bores. On May 19, 1999, Joel Murphy, Lars, and countless other Star Wars fans flocked to the theaters to see Star Wars:

Hobo Radio 55 – Making the world a better place

Introduction Follow up from last week Contractually obligated Batman discussion Road rage Movie theater etiquette Reno 911‘s Cedric Yarbrough “Superman” by Peggy Sue Week 55 Spotlight: Making the world a better place. If nothing else, every week on the Hobo Radio podcast, Joel Murphy and Lars seek

Hobo Radio 54 – The end of staycations

Introduction Batman villains Pizza tracking The end of staycations “Thumbmasta” by Codi Jordan Week 54 Spotlight: The end of staycations. Alexander Hamilton once said, “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” This week, in honor of the man on the 10 dollar bill, Joel Murphy makes

Hobo Radio – The Dork Knights

Introduction Lars is a hottie, isn’t trying to be Bono A sad Christian Bale story The Dark Knight reviewed “That Spells DNA” by Jonathan Coulton Week 53 Spotlight: The Dork Knights. Last Friday, on “Batman Day,” Joel and Lars got all giddy in anticipation for The Dark

Hobo Radio – Batman Day

Introduction Introducing Lars Batman Day “Empty Bottles” by Deadly Sins Week 52 Spotlight: Batman Day. The day has finally arrived. After months of Internet hype, the highly anticipated summer blockbuster filled with amazing action sequences and glorious explosions hits theaters today … and no, we aren’t talking

Hobo Radio – Whatever you do, don’t ask about her tattoos

Introduction Tara, HoboTrashcan’s official site girl Remembering George Carlin Mini-me’s sex tape Tattoos “Hero” by Transmission Fields Week 51 Spotlight: Whatever you do, don’t ask about her tattoos. Many fans of the site have wondered what happened to HoboTrashcan’s official site girl Tara. She was once a

Hobo Radio – The last form of free media

Introduction Justin Foster, tap dancing superstar Hobo Radio’s million dollar give-away What the hell is wrong with society? “Katie” by Adam Ezra Group Week 50 Spotlight: The last form of free media. The economy is in the toilet, gas prices are through the roof and most Americans

Hobo Radio – A cromulent Simpsons spectacular

Introduction Joe Dunn and webcomic innovations The Simpsons “Grind” by Melt Week 49 Spotlight: A cromulent Simpsons spectacular. On 6-6-06, the day of the beast, the first Hobo Radio podcast was unleashed on the world. Two years later, the show is in a state of flux –

Hobo Radio – Feeling Lost without a co-host

Introduction Brian’s shocking announcement A spoiler warning Thoughts on Lost‘s season finale “Deviatory” by Apothys Week 48 Spotlight: Feeling Lost without a co-host. After a mysterious absence last week, Brian Murphy triumphantly returns to the podcast this week. But the Murphy brother’s joyful reunion is short-lived because

Hobo Radio – If you smell what Barack is cooking

Introduction The popcorn pusher Hand to hand combat Politics “Fine, be that way” by The Hazzards Week 47 Spotlight: If you smell what Barack is cooking. Last week, Brian Murphy talked about sneaking onto Richmond International Raceway to do a few laps. This week, he is mysteriously