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Hobo Radio 423 – Merry XMizzle to you and your fam!

The duo has a spoiler-free discussion on Rogue One, including where they rank it in the overall Star Wars oeuvre. They also talk about the lucky woman who got Snoop Dogg as her Secret Santa, South Carolina's ban on porn and Harrison Ford punching people.

Hobo Radio 422 – Spot the Peter

Joel Murphy challenges Lars Periwinkle to a new game he created called "Spot the Peter." The game uses actual quotes from Peter Travers'Rolling Stone review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Lars has to guess which ridiculous quotes came from Travers and which ones Joel made

Hobo Radio 419 – From sponges to silverware

Lars Periwinkle gets a long-awaited letter from People magazine, Joel Murphy learns how to be an adult and they both announce plans for a live podcast recording. They also discuss the recent revelation that Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford hooked up on the set of Star Wars

Hobo Radio 418 – But, stuff!

Joel and Lars talk about a wide range of subjects, including Lars' gay thoughts, the mysterious strangers that helped both of them recently, Joel's middle school infatuation with Andrew Lloyd Webber's maligned New Starlight Express and a magical room full of puppies.

Hobo Radio 417 – Living like Ian Ziering

Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle dive into Joel's new world of luxury and intrigue. They also talk about Lars' new dog, Michael Douglas' obsession with HPV-related cancers and their favorite film composers.

Hobo Radio Interview – Pete Holmes

Joel Murphy sat down with Pete Holmes in his home to talk about his early days as a performer, his classic College Humor Batman sketches, his upcoming HBO projects and the state of modern comedy.