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Murphy’s Law – A world without Twinkies

With Hostess' bankruptcy and employee strikes, things look bleak for Twinkies and their other delicious snack cakes. Joel Murphy looks at the cultural impact of Twinkies and shares his thoughts on the company's possible demise in this week's column.

Murphy’s Law – Why can’t we be friends?

Our long national nightmare is over. After a barrage of attack ads and posturing on both sides of the aisle, the Presidential election is finally behind us. Today, Joel Murphy calls for us all to come together as a nation and ... add each other back on

Murphy’s Law – Five suggestions for Star Wars VII

Part of the fun of the Disney-Lucasfilms Ltd. merger is that it's giving everyone a chance to fantasize about what they would do with Star Wars: Episode VII. Today, Joel Murphy weighs in with five things he would do to make the next film a truly memorable

Murphy’s Law – The Lance Armstrong lesson

Lance Armstrong's very public fall from grace can teach us all something about hero worship, sports and life in general. Probably. At least, it seems like there should be a lesson there, right? Joel Murphy looks at the whole Lance Armstrong debacle and looks for the lesson

Murphy’s Law – The darkest timeline

NBC announced that the debut of season four of Community will be delayed indefinitely. As Joel Murphy explains, this is just the latest in a long string of dick moves NBC and Sony have done to the show and its fanbase. Murphy calls for an end

Murphy’s Law – Don’t rock the vote

Every four years, celebrities make PSAs telling us all that we need to "Rock the Vote." Everyone tells you that your voice needs to be heard and your ballot needs to be cast in order to make the electoral process work. Joel Murphy disagrees. He makes an

Murphy’s Law – The Replacement Refs

While most NFL fans see the replacement officials as nothing but a nuisance, Joel Murphy sees them as an opportunity for a great film. So this week, he shares excerpts from his new screenplay The Replacement Refs, which tells the story of a ragtag group of officials

Boob Tube Breakdown – Fall TV Preview 2012

It is time, once again, for your in-depth preview of the new fall lineup. Joel Murphy breaks down every single new show from ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox, giving you the official synopsis, the air date and time and his thoughts on each. As always, some of

Murphy’s Law – Why are the birds so angry?

[singlepic=1067,150,95] Rovio Entertainment has announced plans for an Angry Birds spinoff starring the birds' adversaries, the pigs. Joel Murphy thinks it's about time the pigs get to tell their side of the story, since in his mind they have been the victims here all along.

Murphy’s Law – iPhone of the tiger

[singlepic=1048,150,95] Many people are excited for Apple's forthcoming official announcement about the iPhone 5. However, Joel Murphy isn't one of those people. He explains why he's dreading the new release in this week's column.