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Murphy’s Law – Jay Leno, a study in mediocrity

Joel Murphy “If there is any justice in the world, Leno will tank hard when faced with tough primetime competition …” – Murphy’s Law – Boob Tube Breakdown 2009 It’s no secret that I am not a Jay Leno fan. Everything about his show and his onscreen

Murphy’s Law – Boob Tube Breakdown 2009

Joel Murphy After suffering through a bleak summer with few viable options on television, the TV Gods are smiling upon us once again. That’s right, it’s September, the magical time of year when all of the networks debut their new fall lineups. Since chances are you haven’t

Murphy’s Law – Big man on campus

Joel Murphy I know you must think I have it all – good looks, a winning personality and a beloved four-year-old pop culture website. But friends, while all of those things are indeed pretty sweet, my life is still incomplete. You see, there is one piece of

Murphy’s Law – The happiest place on earth

Joel Murphy Disney World might be the largest and most visited resort in the world, but there is a reason its redheaded cousin, Disneyland, is “the happiest place on earth” and it’s not. Sure, Disney World has a lot going for it, including four theme parks, two

Murphy’s Law – No backstory required

Joel Murphy Have you ever watched Snakes on a Plane and wondered what those snakes were doing before they ended up on that flight? Have you ever watched Die Hard and wondered what made young John McClane decide to become a police officer in the first place?

Murphy’s Law – A world without Twitter

Joel Murphy Twitter caters to our “me-first” instant gratification culture by providing an outlet for mundane updates written by illiterate narcissists. I’m guessing that opening sentence will get a reaction out of some of you. Those of you who hate Twitter (like I do) probably saw it

Murphy’s Law – Heart problems

Joel Murphy I have good news, everyone. Researchers have found a cure for cancer, AIDS and every other life-threatening disease known to man. And they have also developed flying cars and food pills that will sustain the starving children of the world. Not only that, they also