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Murphy’s Law – Thing will never be the same

Joel Murphy “And although it seems heaven-sent We ain’t ready to see a black president” – Tupac Shakur, “Changes” In his 1998 hit single “Changes,” Tupac Shakur stated that he didn’t believe America was ready to elect a black president. Ten years later, the results are in

Murphy’s Law – It’s time for a change

Joel Murphy Imagine if every evening in the fall, after a long day of work, you stepped outside of your office and someone jumped out from behind the bushes and kicked you in the nuts. Then, as you rolled around on the sidewalk, writhing in pain and

Murphy’s Law – One Shot: The Starter Wife

Joel Murphy For months now, the USA Network has been running ads for the The Starter Wife. Seeing these ads over and over again, I realized three things: 1. It’s really hard to get “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow out of your head. 2. Debra

Murphy’s Law – Good luck, Chuck

Joel Murphy I saw an alarming story on Entertainment Weekly’s website this week, one that gave me pause: “Life wasn’t NBC’s only letdown, though. Chuck continued to struggle, averaging 5.9 million viewers at 8 p.m. (an 11 percent decline from last Monday’s disappointing premiere), and Heroes tallied

Murphy’s Law – Hero worship

Joel Murphy While my recent One Shot columns may have convinced some that I only enjoy watching TV shows so that I can mock them and tear them down, there are some shows that I watch simply because they make me happy. Chuck is a show that

Murphy’s Law – One Shot: Gossip Girl

Joel Murphy In case you missed last week’s column (and, if you did, shame on you), my life now has purpose. I have decided to seek out television shows I would not normally watch and give them one shot to win me over. Last week, I took

Murphy’s Law – One Shot: 90210

Joel Murphy Last week, I took a look at all of the new shows scheduled to come out this season and it’s safe to say there isn’t a whole lot to be excited about. But, like any good TV junkie, I need my fix. So, I decided

Murphy’s Law – Boob Tube breakdown

Joel Murphy After suffering through a bleak summer with few viable options on television, the TV Gods are smiling upon us once again. That’s right, it’s September, the magical time of year when all of the networks debut their new fall lineups. Since chances are you haven’t