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Murphy’s Law – Black Friday

Joel Murphy Last Friday morning, before the sun came up, after spending a day gorging yourself on too much food and doing your best to tolerate annoying family members, some of you headed out to your local malls and retail stores to save a few bucks on

Murphy’s Law – The Tivo Effect

Joel Murphy If I were making a list of all of the things I was thankful for this year, one of the things that would rank high on my list is my DVR (it would rank just slightly behind my fiancée and just in front of my

Murphy’s Law – TV and the economy

Joel Murphy It’s a bit of an understatement to say our economy isn’t doing so well these days. People are getting laid off, the government is bailing out corporations left and right and many people in the lower and middle class are about one paycheck away from

Murphy’s Law – One Shot: Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Joel Murphy It’s a good time to be a Batman fan. After years of suffering through horrible films like Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, Bat-fans were finally rewarded when Christopher Nolan single-handedly saved the franchise with Batman Begins and this summer’s juggernaut The Dark Knight. And

Murphy’s Law – Thing will never be the same

Joel Murphy “And although it seems heaven-sent We ain’t ready to see a black president” – Tupac Shakur, “Changes” In his 1998 hit single “Changes,” Tupac Shakur stated that he didn’t believe America was ready to elect a black president. Ten years later, the results are in

Murphy’s Law – It’s time for a change

Joel Murphy Imagine if every evening in the fall, after a long day of work, you stepped outside of your office and someone jumped out from behind the bushes and kicked you in the nuts. Then, as you rolled around on the sidewalk, writhing in pain and

Murphy’s Law – One Shot: The Starter Wife

Joel Murphy For months now, the USA Network has been running ads for the The Starter Wife. Seeing these ads over and over again, I realized three things: 1. It’s really hard to get “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow out of your head. 2. Debra

Murphy’s Law – Good luck, Chuck

Joel Murphy I saw an alarming story on Entertainment Weekly’s website this week, one that gave me pause: “Life wasn’t NBC’s only letdown, though. Chuck continued to struggle, averaging 5.9 million viewers at 8 p.m. (an 11 percent decline from last Monday’s disappointing premiere), and Heroes tallied