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Murphy’s Law – Hero worship

Joel Murphy While my recent One Shot columns may have convinced some that I only enjoy watching TV shows so that I can mock them and tear them down, there are some shows that I watch simply because they make me happy. Chuck is a show that

Murphy’s Law – One Shot: Gossip Girl

Joel Murphy In case you missed last week’s column (and, if you did, shame on you), my life now has purpose. I have decided to seek out television shows I would not normally watch and give them one shot to win me over. Last week, I took

Murphy’s Law – One Shot: 90210

Joel Murphy Last week, I took a look at all of the new shows scheduled to come out this season and it’s safe to say there isn’t a whole lot to be excited about. But, like any good TV junkie, I need my fix. So, I decided

Murphy’s Law – Boob Tube breakdown

Joel Murphy After suffering through a bleak summer with few viable options on television, the TV Gods are smiling upon us once again. That’s right, it’s September, the magical time of year when all of the networks debut their new fall lineups. Since chances are you haven’t

Murphy’s Law – A disaster that must be stopped

Joel Murphy I like to think of myself as someone who is in touch with pop culture. As the alcoholic/talentless hack Ned Bitters pointed out in his diatribe yesterday, my columns are usually sprinkled with references to modern TV shows and films. I spend an unhealthy amount

Murphy’s Law – In search of Bigfoot

Joel Murphy Humboldt County, California, 1958 – bulldozer operator Jerry Crew finds extremely large footprints around his rig. The Humboldt Times, in a front page story about the discovery, coins the term “Bigfoot.” Bluff Creek, California, 1967 – amateur documentary filmmaker Roger Patterson releases grainy footage of

Murphy’s Law – Good marriages make bad TV

Joel Murphy Hollywood hates you, hates marriages and secretly wants your children to grow up to be sex-crazed adulterers. At least, that’s the impression I got after reading a new study released by the Parent Television Council entitled “Happily Never After: How Hollywood Favors Adultery and Promiscuity

Murphy’s Law – And please, no Robin …

Joel Murphy After all of the hype surrounding The Dark Knight, now that I have seen the film and raved about how good it is, you would think I would be ready to move on with my life. But instead of just enjoying the film and finding

Murphy’s Law – Things that piss me off

Joel Murphy We are only one day away from “Batman Day” (which isn’t a national holiday yet, but I’m still working on it), the day when the greatest movie since Citizen Kane is finally being released. You would think being less than 24 hours away from the