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Murphy’s Law – An open letter to The Dark Knight

Joel Murphy Dear Dark Knight, This is hard for me to say, so I’m just going to come out and say it … I think you and I need some time apart. Look, I think you are great, really great. I’ll admit, I’ve been burned in the

Murphy’s Law – City of Champions

Joel Murphy On Tuesday night, the Boston Celtics pantsed the Los Angeles Lakers, winning game six of the NBA finals 131-92 and winning their 17th championship. Now, I’m not here to talk about the game (I leave the sports columns to Note to Self). But I am

Murphy’s Law – A big, bright, shining star

Joel Murphy Now that all of the good television shows are on hiatus, I find myself seeking out programs I wouldn’t normally watch in an effort to keep my DVR from collecting dust. In an act of true desperation, my fiancĂ©e and I have begun taping The

Murphy’s Law – Indiana Jones and the Late Night Booty Call

Joel Murphy Today, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opens in theaters nationwide. I have mixed feelings about this movie. On the one hand, I absolutely think it is going to be terrible – Harrison Ford seems a little old for an action-adventure star,

Murphy’s Law – You hate me, you really hate me

Joel Murphy Back in January, I wrote An Open Letter to Erin Esurance, poking fun at the series of Esurance commercials that featured a pink-haired cartoon spy simultaneously fighting crime and extolling the virtues of affordable, hassle-free auto insurance. Not long after the column ran on the

Murphy’s Law – Achy Breaky memoirs

Joel Murphy When I think of memoirs, I tend to imagine a former President of the United States or other noteworthy public figure sitting down at a large oak desk in his twilight years, looking back at his life and putting pen to paper in an effort

Murphy’s Law – Geronimo!

Joel Murphy As a child, I spent an absurd amount of time in my bedroom recording my own “radio shows.” I would sit there with a tape recorder and perform bits or introduce songs with my high-pitched, prepubescent voice. Sometimes, I would try to get my brother

Murphy’s Law – Poor Man’s Movie Review – Ogre

Joel Murphy It’s no secret that movies these days are expensive. By the time you pay for two tickets, popcorn and drinks, you are out around $40 on a movie that is most likely a remake, sequel or poorly-executed sports comedy starring Will Ferrell. So why shell

Murphy’s Law – What’cha gonna do?

Joel Murphy I feel strong about right and wrong and I don’t take trouble for very long I’ve got something deep inside of me courage is the thing that keeps us free. I am a real American, Fight for the rights of every man I am a

Murphy’s Law – That boy was beautiful

Joel Murphy “That boy was beautiful. Wasn’t no need for y’all to do him the way y’all did.” – Omar Little When I interviewed Michael Kenneth Williams in December, 2006, I asked him how he wanted Omar Little’s story to end. Williams, who plays Omar on the