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Murphy’s Law – Holding out for a hero

Joel Murphy With apologies to Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington, I have some exciting news to report to all of you – I have a new man-crush and his Noah Bennet. Well technically, the guy’s name is Jack Coleman, but he plays Noah Bennet on the NBC

Murphy’s Law – Old School Movie Review – Die Hard

Joel Murphy Because they secretly hate children and happiness, every year Hollywood studios unleash terribly clichéd Christmas movies in an effort to cash in on America’s collective holiday joy. While occasionally these movies turn out well (like Elf and … um … did I mention Elf?), for

Murphy’s Law – CNN is fake

Joel Murphy All of you hardcore CNN fans out there, I have some sad news for you – CNN is fake. It’s scripted. The outcomes of their stories have been predetermined. I know this is probably hard for you to believe. Your natural instinct will be to

Murphy’s Law – Let’s give them something to Google about

Joel Murphy Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it before. Sitting all alone in front of our computer screen late at night, each and every one of us out there has dimmed the lights, loosened our belt and Googled ourselves. Some of you type your name into

Murphy’s Law – Things that piss me off

Joel Murphy It’s a pretty great time of year. Football is back and my beloved Washington Redskins are currently 2-0. After a summer-long hiatus, primetime television is back to being good again (and I finally just watched the entire first season of Heroes on DVD and I’m

Murphy’s Law – Don’t stop …

Joel Murphy “You probably don’t even hear it when it happens.” – Bobby Baccalieri When I wrote my column last week laying down the odds of how Tony would die, I honestly thought that would be the last Sopranos column I ever wrote. I fully intended to

Murphy’s Law – Things that piss me off

By Joel Murphy (In no particular order.) Christians who boycott Halloween because it is the “devil’s holiday.” Sure, Halloween is based on a Pagan holiday, but so are Christmas and Easter. Halloween isn’t evil – it’s an excuse to wear a silly costume and get free candy.

Murphy’s Law – Year One: A look back

By Joel Murphy It’s hard to believe I’ve already been doing HoboTrashcan for a year. It seems like just yesterday I was trying to convince my brother to help me put together this site and he was shaking his head and telling me he was way too