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Murphy’s Law – Don’t stop …

Joel Murphy “You probably don’t even hear it when it happens.” – Bobby Baccalieri When I wrote my column last week laying down the odds of how Tony would die, I honestly thought that would be the last Sopranos column I ever wrote. I fully intended to

Murphy’s Law – Things that piss me off

By Joel Murphy (In no particular order.) Christians who boycott Halloween because it is the “devil’s holiday.” Sure, Halloween is based on a Pagan holiday, but so are Christmas and Easter. Halloween isn’t evil – it’s an excuse to wear a silly costume and get free candy.

Murphy’s Law – Year One: A look back

By Joel Murphy It’s hard to believe I’ve already been doing HoboTrashcan for a year. It seems like just yesterday I was trying to convince my brother to help me put together this site and he was shaking his head and telling me he was way too

Murphy’s Law – Old School Movie Review – Footloose

Joel Murphy [Editor’s Note – This column originally ran on the site on February 28, 2006. With the remake of Footloose set to hit theaters this weekend, we thought it was a good time to revisit our review of the original.] I love movies. There is something

Murphy’s Law – The true meaning of Christmas

By Joel Murphy O Holiday Tree! O Holiday Tree! Thy leaves are so unchanging. It just doesn’t have the same ring to it. But, given the way things are going, it very well could be how the song goes a few years from now. It seems more

Murphy’s Law – Things that piss me off

By Joel Murphy (In no particular order.) Bad lap dances. Face facts honey, no one cares about your amateur dance background. Just stick with the bread and butter … or, in this case, stick to buttering my bread. Subway restaurants. You’ll never be as good as Quiznos