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Murphy’s Law – Making an entrance

Local boy and former Washington National Steve Lombardozzi was recently traded to the Baltimore Orioles in hopes that he can help fill the gap left by injured starter Manny Machado. This week Joel Murphy talks about Lombardozzi, who he is a big fan of. But don't worry,

Murphy’s Law – Jimmy Fallon is still a hack

Since HoboTrashcan began, Joel Murphy has made his disdain for Jimmy Fallon quite clear. (He even mentions hating Fallon in his byline.) But Murphy also loves The Muppets. So his more optimistic friends thought perhaps Fallon's final segment on Late Night, where Fallon sang a cover of

Murphy’s Law – Birthday ennui

When you are young, birthdays are a time of euphoria - an orgy of presents and sugary foods. But as you get older, birthdays can do strange things to a person. Sometimes, they fill you with ennui, which is where Joel Murphy finds himself today on his