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Murphy’s Law – Birthday ennui

When you are young, birthdays are a time of euphoria - an orgy of presents and sugary foods. But as you get older, birthdays can do strange things to a person. Sometimes, they fill you with ennui, which is where Joel Murphy finds himself today on his

Murphy’s Law – In defense of Pharrell’s hat

Last night's Grammy Awards ceremony featured plenty of moments worth talking about. Jay Z, Paul McCartney and Lorde all racked up trophies. Pink showed off some impressive acrobatics. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featured a mass gay wedding during their performance of "One Love." But all people wanted

Murphy’s Law – Best of 2013 – My 10 favorite films

Joel Murphy saw a lot of films last year, sharing his thoughts on them in the reviews he posted right here on HoboTrashcan. But while many of them were forgettable and some were downright awful (*cough* A Good Day to Die Hard *cough*), some of them were

Murphy’s Law – In the cards

Recently Joel Murphy set out to purchase a birthday card for his father. It seemed like a simple enough task, but Murphy found himself stuck in the greeting card aisle for over 30 minutes trying to find a card worth buying and sending to his dad. All

From the Vault – Murphy’s Law – Santa’s sidekicks

In 2011, Joel Murphy wrote about Krampus and Zwarte Piet, two of Santa Claus' international sidekicks who help keep wicked children in line. He followed that up last year with three more of Santa's sidekicks - Le Père Fouettard, Belsnickel and Knecht Ruprecht - who do

Murphy’s Law – Episode II: Attack of the drones

Lately Americans have been hearing a lot about drones. Though typically, those conversations revolve around the unmanned ships the United States military uses to attack enemy combatants. However, the Federal Aviation Administration is currently looking for six test sites so that it can begin drawing up regulations

Murphy’s Law – Taking back Thanksgiving

Joel Murphy certainly isn't the first person to point out that Thanksgiving is getting increasingly overshadowed by Christmas. However, he might be the first person to actually have a plan to do something about it. Murphy thinks it's time to take back Thanksgiving. And he's ready to

Murphy’s Law – I’m finally tired of all the comic book movies

This may surprise you, but Joel Murphy has finally reached his saturation point with comic book movies. That's right, the man who once co-hosted a weekly "Contractually-obligated Batman Discussion" on the Hobo Radio podcast is somehow finally tired of seeing comic book characters duke it out on

Murphy’s Law – The “real” Dan Harmon

Since the end of season four of Community, the show's creator Dan Harmon has been getting a lot of press online. Some of it has been good, like the announcement that Harmon would return as showrunner for season five. The rest of it, which has included quotes