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Murphy’s Law – Just can’t get enough

This week Joel Murphy poses the eternal question: How much is enough? When it comes to American television, it seems like viewers appetites are absolutely insatiable. Shows like Futurama, Veronica Mars and Arrested Development get a second life thanks to passionate pleas from fans. Iron Man 3

Murphy’s Law – According to Netflix, I don’t exist

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos responded to questions about other shows following in Arrested Development's footsteps by saying: "The Firefly fan is still the Firefly fan from when it was on TV and there’s fewer of them and they’re more passionate every year. Whereas with Arrested

Murphy’s Law – A world full of Stan Lees

By merging Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and The Incredible Hulk into one massive cinematic universe, Marvel was able to give us the incredibly entertaining blockbuster film The Avengers. But each one of those films featured a cameo by Stan Lee. And all of those versions of

Murphy’s Law – The triumph of Cuddles McGee

The past few days have been trying ones for us all as we are inundated with horrific images and stories from Boston. We are all struggling to make sense of it all and to find a way to go on with our daily routines. So with that

Murphy’s Law – Don’t call Saul

Breaking Bad has just a handful of episodes left until it ends forever, which means sadly the finale will be the last time we see Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and the rest of the colorful characters that inhabit that world ... everyone except Saul Goodman, that is.

Murphy’s Law – Kickstarting a revolution

Fans of Veronica Mars have been clamoring for a film ever since the show went off the air. But even though creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell have always been open to the project, Warner Bros., the studio that owns the show, has been reluctant to

Murphy’s Law – Rest in peace, Paul Bearer

William Moody, known to pro wrestling fans as Paul Bearer, passed away on Tuesday at age 58. As The Undertaker's longtime manager, Bearer would most often be seen clutching an urn and cutting promos in his trademark high pitched, quivering voice. Moody will be greatly missed by

Murphy’s Law – What we learned from last night’s Oscars

The 85th annual Academy Awards were handed out last night in a ceremony hosted by Seth MacFarlane. It was a bloated affair heavy on musical numbers and terrible banter among presenters. If you skipped the proceedings in favor of watching The Walking Dead, don't worry, Joel Murphy

Murphy’s Law – Netflix gives viewers too much of a good thing

Netflix's highly-anticipated original series House of Cards had its season premiere last Friday. It also had its season finale. That's because Netflix decided to release all 13 episodes of the drama, which is produced by David Fincher and stars Kevin Spacey, simultaneously. Joel Murphy shares his thoughts