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Positive Cynicism – Another journey through the hate mail

Aaron R. Davis Stating your opinions anywhere online is always going to mean one thing: people who are so irrationally pissed off by the very existence of your words that they just have to slam on the keyboard until enough hateful bile spews forth that they can

Positive Cynicism – Tumblr, I’m very disappointed in you

Aaron R. Davis Last week, I extolled the virtues of Tumblr as an online neighborhood superior to other social networking platforms. In just seven days, I’ve come to realize that if it really is a neighborhood, it’s one that’s already got a serious gang problem and the

Positive Cynicism – With great power comes weak movies

Aaron R. Davis This week, Sony Pictures announced that they had cast the lead role in Marc Webb’s “reboot” of the Spider-Man series. They cast relatively lesser-known actor Andrew Garfield, which makes sense because this movie is supposed to be about Peter Parker as a high school

Positive Cynicism – Summer viewing

Aaron R. Davis We’re well into summer now, and that’s always meant one thing to me: even less interesting television programming than usual. Now, granted, there’s no accounting for taste. We all like crap of some sort or another, and we all get precious about it on

Positive Cynicism – Open letters

Aaron R. Davis Excuse me while I take care of some business. Dear Joel Silver: As far as I can tell, you’re the only one who doesn’t want to see a Veronica Mars movie. But you’re also the one who couldn’t make a Wonder Woman movie work,

Positive Cynicism – Steven Spielberg’s entire career in one word

Aaron R. Davis That word? Penis. At least, that’s what my weird friend Harlan thinks. Now, we can all tell from watching his films that Steven Spielberg is an emotional child, spending a life directing movies where men are weak and incapable, women are distant or emotionally

Positive Cynicism – I hate MTV

Aaron R. Davis I’m not sure why I keep watching the MTV Movie Awards. They haven’t been funny in a decade, at least. Remember how they used to be? They were supposed to be the fun awards that no one took seriously; they were never as anti-establishment

Positive Cynicism – My rules of the road

Aaron R. Davis Living in a college town is especially wonderful if you don’t care what happens to your car. It’s unfortunate, then, that I do care what happens to Flynn, my 1996 Ford Escort. I don’t remember how long I’d actually lived here when I came

Positive Cynicism – Eight steps to a better Godzilla

Aaron R. Davis Legendary Pictures announced recently that they’re going to attempt what Roland Emmerich made seem impossible: a good American Godzilla movie. Obviously, I’ll reserve judgment until I see the film, but I can’t say I’m too enthused by the idea. I’m gun shy after dealing