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Positive Cynicism – Lady Gaga is not a role model

Aaron R. Davis I have to say something about Lady Gaga that’s really been pissing me off. And let me just say up front: this has nothing to do with her music. You all know me by now. I’ve talked enough in this space about the subjectivity

Positive Cynicism – We are the fail

Aaron R. Davis I was nine years old when the USA for Africa charity released “We Are the World.” And while I’ll be the first to admit it’s not exactly a classic song, I do have a soft spot for it. It had a big impact; maybe

Positive Cynicism – Does it really matter who wins a Grammy?

Aaron R. Davis No, I didn’t watch the Grammys this weekend. I never watch the Grammys because I really don’t care. What I did watch, though, was this horrific unfolding of anger online when Taylor Swift won Album of the Year and Lady Gaga didn’t. Yes, the

Positive Cynicism – Michael Scott jumps the shark

Aaron R. Davis Let’s just get this out of the way first thing: The Office has jumped the shark. Ever since the hour-long wedding episode, which saw Jim and Pam finally wed and ended with the characters acting out a YouTube video, there have been a lot

Positive Cynicism – The life cycle of a niche cable channel

Aaron R. Davis Paul McCartney’s comment on the Golden Globes the other night that he was now known as “the guy from Rock Band” sparked a conversation between my wife and I about the recent marketing onslaught of the Beatles, a band that is constantly being repackaged,

Positive Cynicism – A cynical guide to awards season

Aaron R. Davis The year-ending two month-long self-congratulatory circle jerk known as awards season is now upon us. The staples of the season have started to appear: self-serious critics’ lists, announcements of hosts and formats, those “for your consideration” ads groveling for nominations, an amazing number of

Positive Cynicism – Just grow up, already

Aaron R. Davis I spend a lot of my free time these days on Tumblr, the latest social networking fad site. Mostly, it’s just sharing pictures. But, like a lot of social networking fads, it’s also unusually revealing. If there’s one thing that Tumblr has revealed to

Positive Cynicism – Possible endings for Lost

Aaron R. Davis Over the Christmas vacation, I spent a few days finally catching up on the fifth season of Lost. Has there ever been a show that was as convoluted, as frustrating, as ridiculous, as involving, and as completely awesome as Lost? With the final season