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Positive Cynicism – ‘Tis the season to piss me off

Aaron R. Davis I hate the winter. I hate the snow. I hate the holidays. So, of course, into this perfect storm of annoyed dissatisfaction must come news stories that, in the end, aren’t really worth the space I’m about to devote to talking about how they’re

Positive Cynicism – What I’m thankful for

Aaron R. Davis I don’t really do the holidays. It’s not that I’m some kind of lone wolf, proud of my isolation from family and friends as they go about the greeting card industry-mandated motions and expend the energy and tension necessary to have some vaguely unsatisfying

Positive Cynicism – Spoiler alerts and Internet crybabies

Aaron R. Davis I was a bit miffed this week by an article on /Film entitled Spoiler Alert: The Responsibility of Online Writers in a Hulu/DVR World. In the post, writer David Chen took online critic Jace Lacob of Televisionary to task over his response to an

Positive Cynicism – Maybe Hollywood just hates us

Aaron R. Davis I don’t like it when people see a bunch of potentially awful movies in production and say “Oh, Hollywood is finally out of ideas,” as if Hollywood has ever been a place of stunning originality and remakes are a recent phenomena. But even I

Positive Cynicism – Deck the patch with orange and black

Aaron R. Davis Finally, it’s my favorite week of the year: the week leading up to Halloween. My favorite day of the year. Yep, I’m in as good a mood as I can possibly be. Well … almost. Like most years, I feel compelled to ask a

Positive Cynicism – Ralph Lauren, the Streisand Effect and the DMCA

Aaron R. Davis Last month, an absolutely wretched Ralph Lauren ad appeared on the website Photoshop Disasters, an invaluable site that catalogs particularly egregious retouches in advertising. The image in question showed a woman in Lauren clothing that had been so badly retouched that it was actually

Positive Cynicism – Who fucking cares about the “F-bomb”?

Aaron R. Davis By now you may have heard that new cast member Jenny Slate accidentally said the word “fucking” in her very first Saturday Night Live. One of the more immediately ridiculous aspects of American culture is our fear of the power of mere words. Sure,

Positive Cynicism – Giving credit where credit isn’t due

Aaron R. Davis Because being on Blogger, Blip, a virtual football club and Twitter apparently doesn’t give me enough on the Internet to be ambivalent about, I’m also on Tumblr. For those who don’t know, Tumblr is another blogging platform, one that’s generally devoted to pictures and