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Positive Cynicism – Holidays, who needs ’em?

Aaron R. Davis Labor Day was upon us yesterday. I have a holiday routine that I go through, and it goes like this: 1. Reflect on the origin of the holiday. (In this case, the 1894 Pullman Strike.) 2. Get annoyed over the fact that no one

Positive Cynicism – How not to sell me a PlayStation 3

Aaron R. Davis Last week Sony made a big announcement introducing the PlayStation 3 Slim. It’s 120-gigabyte system that’s 32 percent lighter, 36 percent smaller, and uses 34 percent less power. The tighter configuration will bring down production costs, which allows them to carry a price tag

Positive Cynicism – And Fox screws over fans yet again

Aaron R. Davis By now, most people are aware of 20th Century Fox TV’s recent decision to hire new voice actors to replace the cast of Futurama. Futurama was one of my all-time favorite TV shows, one of the smartest satires on television, and completely unsupported by

Positive Cynicism – Fight for your digital rights

Aaron R. Davis Does anyone remember when we were told how much easier computers would make our lives? I remember people saying, 20 or so years ago, that one day we would be completely rid of all paper files, because everything would be on computer. Now we

Positive Cynicism – Dumbing down the Oscars

Aaron R. Davis Everyone has their own idea about how the Academy Awards ceremony needs to be “fixed.” It’s too long, it’s too bloated, it often honors films that no one has seen and the host is rarely funny. At least, these are the complaints I’ve heard

Positive Cynicism – Michael Bay vs. acting

Aaron R. Davis Frankly, I despise Megan Fox. She’s not hot, she’s not talented, she’s not anything more than a block of wood and sweat and I can’t believe anyone sees anything worthwhile in her. That’s why it almost pains me to defend her here. In a