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Positive Cynicism – Everyone wants to be better than you

Aaron R. Davis You know who I hate? People who don’t hate anything. You know who I’m talking about. You see them all the time on your own blog, or on message boards, or on any website with a comments section. Those people who can never help

Positive Cynicism – Todd McFarlane, don’t ever change

Aaron R. Davis According to a recent interview with MTV, Todd McFarlane wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play the lead in his new Spawn movie. I’ll bet a bunch of you just asked: “They still make Spawn?” I’ll bet some of you even asked: “What the hell is

Positive Cynicism – Vainglorious bastard

Aaron R. Davis It’s hard to believe – and it makes me feel past my prime – but it’s been 15 years since Pulp Fiction firmly established Quentin Tarantino’s fame and reputation as a filmmaker. Since then, he’s become first a polarizing celebrity, and then a maker

Positive Cynicism – The bullpen of stupid

Aaron R. Davis Some weeks, you have a big point you want to make. And some weeks, you just have a bunch of little points you want to annoy people with. ITEM! Original Star Trek series producer Herb Solow was asked what he thought of the new

Positive Cynicism – Convicted without even committing a crime

Aaron R. Davis An Iowa comic book collector who doesn’t own any child pornography has been convicted of possessing child pornography. Christopher Handley, a 39 year-old officer worker who collects manga, has pled guilty to two counts of obscenity: mailing obscene matter and “possession of obscene visual

Positive Cynicism – Who’s afraid of the big, bad media?

Aaron R. Davis Was that whole swine flu pandemic canceled? Where did it go? For weeks there were news reports that a plague was coming to wipe out all life on the planet, and then it just disappeared. How anticlimactic. What am I supposed to panic about

Positive Cynicism – The Twitter side of life

Aaron R. Davis Aaron is shooting the breeze with friends. Aaron is digging Pepsi Throwback. Aaron is worried about the patch of dead skin on his shin. Aaron is looking forward to the season finale of How I Met Your Mother. As you can see, Aaron is

Positive Cynicism – Writing a romantic comedy is easy

Aaron R. Davis Romantic comedy is a genre I’ve never really warmed to. For every good movie with genuine feeling like Say Anything or Love Actually there are nine enhanced interrogation sessions like Fool’s Gold or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (and yes, scarily,

Positive Cynicism – Boldly wasting my 10 bucks

Aaron R. Davis I guess I wouldn’t be worthy of my geek cred if I weren’t planning to go see Star Trek, even with everything it has going against it. Like what, I’ll just go ahead and imagine you asked? Just a few things. 1. A director