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Positive Cynicism – One Goonies is good enough

We all know that Goonies never say die. That's why it's no surprise that rumors of a Goonies 2 also refuse to die. Director Richard Donner added fuel to the fire recently by telling TMZ that a sequel was in the works. Aaron R. Davis shares

Positive Cynicism – It’s NBFD, Charlie Brown

It's hard to tell much from a teaser trailer. They give you the briefest glimpse of an upcoming film, evoking an emotion without actually showing you anything meaningful. They are rarely an indication of how good or bad a film will be. But for some fans of

Positive Cynicism – Even bullies have their value

We tend to think of bullies as those brutish kids in school who beat you up and take your lunch money. But Internet anonymity has given rise to the cyber bully, a group that attacks with words instead of fists. This week, Aaron R. Davis explains how

Positive Cynicism – A cry of frustration

Aaron R. Davis had a rough week. He opens up about it in this week's column, talking about his troubles navigating our convoluted health care system. We often hear healthcare debated by both sides, but Davis' column this week is a firsthand account of one man who

Positive Cynicism – Apparently the Legion of Doom runs Russia

To say that things haven't been going well in Sochi would be an understatement. People were hesitant about the Russian Olympic site months ago, as people began discussing their terrible stance on gay rights and the possibility of terror attacks. But as reporters and athletes began arriving,