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Positive Cynicism – On the respect of a proper name

As Marlo Stanfield memorably asserted on The Wire: "My name is my name." As Marlo knew, there is power in a name and names are something that people take great pride in. So, of course, the flip side of that is that people look to put down

Positive Cynicism – Something something twerking something

Just when it seemed like the whole Miley Cyrus VMA twerking "controversy" couldn't get any more ridiculous, former pop singer Sinead O'Connor inserted herself into the middle of it by offering up unsolicited advice to the teen star. Cyrus, unsurprisingly, was unreceptive to O'Connor's motherly words, which

Positive Cynicism – On second thought, let’s go to the Olympics

A few weeks ago, Aaron R. Davis wrote an impassioned column explaining why he felt the United States should boycott the Olympics in Russia because of that country's recently enacted anti-gay policies. Davis has begun to rethink his stance, however, in light of the fact that Russia

Positive Cynicism – Marriage, mystery and Carl Sagan

Last week, Aaron R. Davis revealed that his best friend was getting married and had asked him to be the best man. While Davis was incredibly excited for his friend Carl, he was also nervous about being a focal point of attention at a wedding. Davis attended

Positive Cynicism – I’m more of a halfway-decent man

Aaron R. Davis' best friend Carl is getting married on Saturday. And he has asked Davis to be his best man. While he is certainly happy for his best friend and excited to see him marry the woman that he loves, the thought of being the best

Positive Cynicism – You people drive me to complain

Aaron R. Davis spends a lot of time on Tumblr. Although, we imagine, sometimes he wishes he didn't. There are things about the social networking site that make him angry. Enough things that he decided to put together a list, which covers everything from the way people