Do you still wrestle? We know you have made a few surprise appearances in the WWE, but how often do you get back into the ring?
I'm booked most weekends in places like New York, Boston, all up in the New England area. I signed a Legend contract with the WWE to make those wrestling figures, so I make appearances with the WWE once in a while.

You recently did an angle on Raw with Umaga, who is in some ways very similar to Kamala. What was it like working with him? What made you agree to be a part of that angle?
It wasn't nothing special. He's a great guy. I've known him since he was about 12 years old. I've been to Samoa - Samoa and I, we get along real good. I know I'm an old man now and I didn't mind doing a favor for him to try to get him over, but I got a lot of emails about that saying that even at my age, I look more vicious and I looked like I was the killer and it just didn't look like he could have beat me.

It was disappointing the way they presented it. It seems like they could have done more with you since the characters are so similar.
I think so too, but my word has no power. I could have refused to take the booking, but I like the guy.

What do you think of wrestling today? In your opinion, how has wrestling changed or evolved since you broke into the business?
Wrestling has changed. I liked the way it was when I was coming up and when I was in my prime because we told stories, we didn't have to do a lot of high flying and all that stuff, getting hurt every night, we didn't have to do any of that. I don't know, but I do believe that wrestling is on its way out because it seems the fans have seen just about everything. There's nothing left.

Do you follow wrestling these days?
I never watch wrestling on television. If I go to some of my friends' houses and they watch it, then I will look at it, but I have no interest at all in watching it.

What do you do these days? Do you have a regular job?
I'm a truck driver. I was a truck driver before I became a wrestler. I've been driving trucks since 1970. When I was in my prime as a wrestler, I quit for about 20 years. After I left the WWE in 93, I fell back into the truck.

How often are you recognized in your everyday life?
In my hometown, everybody knows me. I don't get recognized in a lot of airports unless I go to New Orleans or New York or New Jersey.

Tell us something most people don't know about you.
A lot of people don't know that I write songs, I sing and I have a small studio here in my house where I do my own distributing. It's been played on a lot of radios and I've had a lot of radio interviews. My songs have won contests against Randy Savage, Deion Sanders and a lot of others.

We've got one last thing for you here. We are going to do a word association. We'll just throw out a name and tell us the first thing that comes to your mind.

The World Wrestling Federation.
Top in the world.

I was only on one; I should have been at a lot of them.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts.
Great wrestler. I love working with him.

Hulk Hogan.
Real sweetheart. Wealth. Riches.

Vince McMahon.
Wealthy man. Real smart, real intelligent, but is all for Vince McMahon.

Great who doesn't want it all, just enough to take care of my family.

Jim Harris.
The same.

The future.
If none of my songs become a hit with me singing them, maybe someone else will sing them and make a big hit.

Interviewed by Joel Murphy, August 2006. To find out more about Jim Harris or to hear samples of his music, check out his official website.