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Getting to Know … Mary Roach

While a career in public relations wasn't a good fit for Mary Roach, her curiosity and fascination with strange topics like elephant wart removals and cheetah-sucking flees helped her to take a different career path - as a freelance writer. She wrote columns, essays and feature articles

Murphy’s Law – Achy Breaky memoirs

Joel Murphy When I think of memoirs, I tend to imagine a former President of the United States or other noteworthy public figure sitting down at a large oak desk in his twilight years, looking back at his life and putting pen to paper in an effort

Overrated – Outdoor dining

Ned Bitters This week’s inductee into the “Overrated Hall of Fame” is … outdoor dining. This past Saturday marked the first warm sunny weekend of the spring in the Washington, D.C. area, which meant that every single ambulatory human in the metro area was either washing his

One on One with James McMurtry

Until 2004, singer-songwriter James McMurtry was known mainly as a highly-respected chronicler of hard-bitten heartland characters living hardscrabble lives on the fringes. Then he released the single “We Can’t Make It Here,” a scorching indictment of the Bush administration and the power elite, earning the unassuming Texan

Note to Self – Hello, cruel world

Brian Murphy I am an orphan. I thought long and hard about it, and this seems like the best way to get it out there for everyone. It’s still a fresh wound and very painful to talk about, but my therapist seems to think that confronting it

Chicken and Milk – Feel the burn …

(Click to enlarge.) Jeremiah was raised in the deepest part of the darkest jungle. That’s why he smells like adventure. He currently lives in Elkins, WV with his wife, Becky, and son, Isaiah, who is epic and destined to rule the world one day. You can contact

Murphy’s Law – Geronimo!

Joel Murphy As a child, I spent an absurd amount of time in my bedroom recording my own “radio shows.” I would sit there with a tape recorder and perform bits or introduce songs with my high-pitched, prepubescent voice. Sometimes, I would try to get my brother