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Murphy’s Law – A big, bright, shining star

Joel Murphy Now that all of the good television shows are on hiatus, I find myself seeking out programs I wouldn’t normally watch in an effort to keep my DVR from collecting dust. In an act of true desperation, my fiancée and I have begun taping The

Outside of the In-Crowd – Having an average Thursday

Courtney Enlow To know me is to know that I have a mean case of hero worship. Now, in my defense, at least my heroes are pretty damn worshipable. And in recent times, I’ve had the good fortune to meet / talk with / be in the

The Teachers’ Lounge – Memorable moments 08, Pt. I

Ned Bitters It’s early June, which means it’s time once again to look back at some of the more memorable moments from a year in the life at a public high school. Why anyone ever leaves this humor goldmine of a job is, like the art of

Hobo Radio – Feeling Lost without a co-host

Introduction Brian’s shocking announcement A spoiler warning Thoughts on Lost‘s season finale “Deviatory” by Apothys Week 48 Spotlight: Feeling Lost without a co-host. After a mysterious absence last week, Brian Murphy triumphantly returns to the podcast this week. But the Murphy brother’s joyful reunion is short-lived because

Hanging Around … Clambake Animation

From a talking meatball to a family of redneck squids, The Cartoon Network's Adult Swim is known for its assortment of unusual cartoon characters. But perhaps no character on Adult Swim is more strange and twisted than Assy McGee, a rogue cop who is nothing more than

Note to Self – How to fix the NHL

Brian Murphy Slowly but surely, people are coming back to the National Hockey League. The ratings might not be Super Bowl caliber, but all indications are that the league, led by young guns like Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin, and featuring a Stanley Cup match-up of two

Lost: Down the Hatch – There’s No Place Like Home

Chris Kirkman “There’s No Place Like Home: Part One” Recap and Analysis … You know when you go to a wedding or a formal event and all the waiters are walking around with little crab puffs and tiny chicken salad sandwiches or shrimp, and you take a

Hobo Radio – If you smell what Barack is cooking

Introduction The popcorn pusher Hand to hand combat Politics “Fine, be that way” by The Hazzards Week 47 Spotlight: If you smell what Barack is cooking. Last week, Brian Murphy talked about sneaking onto Richmond International Raceway to do a few laps. This week, he is mysteriously