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One on One with Tommy Chong

As one half of the legendary Cheech and Chong comedy duo, Tommy Chong’s name is synonymous with weed. Years after parting ways with his comedic partner, Chong still embodies the spirit of the hippie generation and has been unapologetic and vocal about his beliefs. We recently talked

One on One with Bonita Friedericy

The surprise hit of the season has been Chuck, NBC’s comedy about an employee of an electronic store who unwittingly becomes a government spy. Chuck Bartowski gets his orders from General Beckman, a no-nonsense general calling the shots from our nation’s capital. Beckman is played by Bonita

Murphy’s Law – Holding out for a hero

Joel Murphy With apologies to Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington, I have some exciting news to report to all of you – I have a new man-crush and his Noah Bennet. Well technically, the guy’s name is Jack Coleman, but he plays Noah Bennet on the NBC

Murphy’s Law – Old School Movie Review – Die Hard

Joel Murphy Because they secretly hate children and happiness, every year Hollywood studios unleash terribly clichéd Christmas movies in an effort to cash in on America’s collective holiday joy. While occasionally these movies turn out well (like Elf and … um … did I mention Elf?), for

One on One with Mark Christopher Lawrence

Chuck Bartowski may moonlight as a government spy, but he still has to work a day job at the Buy More. And while his government handlers may be a bit difficult to deal with, luckily his Buy More boss Big Mike is a bit more down to

One on One with Melora Hardin

Jim and Pam’s relationship may grab all of the headlines, but any real fan of The Office knows that the show’s true power couple is Michael Scott and Jan Levinson. Playing Jan on the show is Melora Hardin, who luckily is much more grounded than her character,

Murphy’s Law – CNN is fake

Joel Murphy All of you hardcore CNN fans out there, I have some sad news for you – CNN is fake. It’s scripted. The outcomes of their stories have been predetermined. I know this is probably hard for you to believe. Your natural instinct will be to

One on One with Mark Brunetz

Most people know Mark Brunetz as the energetic designer on the Style Network’s top-rated show Clean House, but his roots in Hollywood actually run much deeper. Brunetz started his career working on Jane Fonda exercise videos, then branched out into producing movies with his friend Sandra Bullock.

Tara’s photos – Bring out your dead

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Show me your cemeteries, and I will tell you what kind of people you have.” Nice one, Benny. While I understand where Mr. Franklin was coming from, to me the concept of cemeteries is an intriguing and somewhat perplexing subject. Why do we

One on One with John Waters

Photo by Dokument Films Baltimore is known for three things: crabcakes, The Wire and John Waters – the indie filmmaking legend who carved a niche for himself telling depraved, campy stories of loveable losers. We recently had a chance to talk to the man William Burroughs dubbed