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Getting to Know … International Talk Like a Pirate Day

International Talk Like A Pirate Day is perhaps the only holiday that began as a sport's injury. On June 6, 1995, John Baur and Mark Summers were playing racquetball together when one of them strained a muscle and let out an "Arrr." They had no idea this

Tara’s photos – Hobo Tara returns

Hey there, boys and girls! As you all know, HoboTrashcan has now officially entered the Terrible Twos, kicking and screaming and careening headfirst into the next year. And guess what? I am still a hobo at heart. When I was originally asked to be the official website

One on One with Clinton Portis

Since the moment he first stepped onto a football field, Clinton Portis has made the world take notice. He won a national championship at the University of Miami, earned rookie of the year honors with the Denver Broncos and broke the Washington Redskins single-season rushing record, all

Note to Self – Why your team won’t win the Super Bowl 2007

By Brian Murphy After a painfully slow offseason (well, once you get past dog fighting scandals, steroid-using sluggers and crooked basketball officials), the NFL is back in the spotlight. With the preseason underway, it’s time for the fourth annual “Why your team won’t win the Super Bowl”

One on One with Mike Patton

If you only know Mike Patton from the influential alt rock band Faith No More, or even from his days in Mr. Bungle, then you don’t really know Mike Patton. Since seeing Faith No More disband in 1998, Patton has had an eclectic career with a number

One on One with Fred Smoot

Spend any amount of time at Redskins Park and within minutes the conversation turns to defensive back Fred Smoot. Especially if he’s within earshot. Or talking. After all, the loquacious veteran has never been short on confidence. We caught up with the cocky cornerback after training camp

One on One with Bruce Campbell

In 1979, Detroit friends Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell raised $350,000 for their low-budget film, Evil Dead and the rest is history. Raimi, the director of the film, has gone on to direct all three blockbuster Spider-man films and Campbell, the star of Evil Dead,

Note to Self – The 2007 Note to Self awards

Brian Murphy Hello everyone and welcome to the second-annual Note to Self awards. Last year, in our first installment, we focused only on the National Football League. After some internal discussions, we’ve decided to expand our awards to all of professional sports. So without further adieu, let’s

Murphy’s Law – Don’t stop …

Joel Murphy “You probably don’t even hear it when it happens.” – Bobby Baccalieri When I wrote my column last week laying down the odds of how Tony would die, I honestly thought that would be the last Sopranos column I ever wrote. I fully intended to

One on One with Terence Winter

From writing to acting to directing, Terence Winter has literally done it all on The Sopranos. He’s written numerous classic moments, like Paulie and Christopher getting stranded and eating ketchup packets in the woods, Vito getting caught blowing a construction worker and most recently, Christopher shocking the