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One on One with Kate Flannery

Alcoholic and lactose intolerant, Meredith Palmer is definitely an interesting character. And while she might not be the best employee in the world, she is definitely fun at parties. Fearlessly tackling the role is Kate Flannery, who was nice enough to sit down and talk to us.

One on One with Nonpoint’s Elias Soriano

Nonpoint has scored hits with “What a Day” and their cover of the Phil Collins song “In the Air Tonight,” but with four albums now under their belt, lead singer Elias Soriano is clearly looking to the future. He took a few minutes out of his hectic

Tara’s photos – Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade

Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day from your favorite hobo babe! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was chock full of drinking, screwing and fighting … well, maybe not fighting in the literal sense, but I spent Sunday pushing my way through a crowd of

One on One with Phil Gordon

It’s easy to be jealous of Phil Gordon. He made a fortune at an early age and was able to use that wealth to see the world, go on the ultimate sports trip and pursue a career as a professional card player. But once you talk to

The Teachers’ Lounge – Advice to new teachers

Ned Bitters When the final bell rings at the end of each school day, I begin a Carl Lewis-like dash to my car, thus avoiding the 15-minute stressfest that is sitting behind 20 carcinogen-belching school buses as they make their way out onto the main road. I

One on One with Angela Kinsey

Angela Martin can be a bit uptight. She is the sort of judgmental buzzkill that we’ve all had to deal with in our workplace. But Angela Kinsey, who plays Martin on The Office, couldn’t be more different from her character. Upbeat and bubbly, this Texan was more

Murphy’s Law – Old School Movie Review – Footloose

Joel Murphy [Editor’s Note – This column originally ran on the site on February 28, 2006. With the remake of Footloose set to hit theaters this weekend, we thought it was a good time to revisit our review of the original.] I love movies. There is something

Just Friends – Sarah

Click on a photo to enlarge it or click here to start a slideshow. Name: Sarah Age: 24 Sign: Leo/Virgo Cusp Sarah is a domestic animal trainer at Sea World, Orlando, so she has lots of experience dealing with wild animals, which may explain her friendship with

Getting to Know … Ms. Kitka

Ms. Kitka From the Star Wars kid to the creators of Penny Arcade, the Internet has the power to make anyone a star. Now, with the creation of video podcasting, anyone with a video camera and a dream can make their own show and be watched by