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Hobo Radio 450 – Moose meat and caribou sausage

Lars Periwinkle has returned from his vacation with tales of of his travels. In Alaska, he was on the verge of discovering dark secrets in a remote town and inside the multitude of roadside espresso stands. And in Boston, he received a strange proposition.

Flashback Friday – One on One with Michael K. Williams

When HoboTrashcan launched on August 23, 2005, it featured an interview with Michael K. Williams (Omar on the best show on television, The Wire). It helped put this site on the map and through the years it has continued to be one of our most popular interviews.

Hobo Radio 449 – Gritty reboot (ft. Marty McGuire)

Joel Murphy and guest host Marty McGuire discuss the not one, but two new Joker films in the works at Warner Bros., their current enjoyment levels for Game of Thrones and how Joss Whedon's ex-wife's recent article affects their opinons of his work.