• Use of Boyd
  • Use of Ava
  • Use of Choo Choo


Season 6, Episode 6

Aired: Feb. 24, 2015

Director: Peter Werner

Writers: Benjamin Cavell & Jennifer Kennedy

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“Wonderful things can happen when you sow seeds of distrust in a garden of assholes.”

– Raylan Givens

Well, last week I complained that it felt like they were simply spinning their wheels, but they certainly made up for that this week.


We see Avery Markham’s team implode after the death of Calhoun. Seabass turns on Choo Choo, getting tired of having to deal with his lapses in judgement. And Choo Choo breaks rank to try to save the call girl who saw them at Calhoun’s office after she is nice to him in the car. (This show has a running theme of military killers having soft spots for call girls.) Ty Walker tries to talk Markam out of killing Choo Choo, only to have Choo Choo call him up with the news that he won’t kill the girl, essentially tying Walker’s hands. And when he does show up to off them both, they are intercepted by Raylan and Tim and things quickly erupt into a firefight.

Now, Choo Choo is dead and Ty is on the run. Things are certainly not looking good for Markham’s organization. (Plus, the girl he loves is incredibly ambivalent on his marriage proposal. It’s a tough week for Markham.)

Things look to be crumbling for Ava as well. At first, she seems to be settling back into her CI role, masterfully playing her new babysitter Earl to get information for Raylan. But the episode ends with Limehouse deciding to sell her out to Boyd. (Limehouse is always one to turn any situation to his advantage, but I have to also imagine this is retribution for her manipulating Limehouse and getting Errol tased.)


Boyd is also in more trouble than he realizes as Uncle Zachariah seems to be out to sabotage him. He tries to kill Boyd, then kills Boyd’s man who figures out the boards were purposely weakened. It seems pretty clear he’s looking for a way to take out the man who is with his niece in some sort of “mining accident.”

This was a highly entertaining episode with a lot more action that I anticipated. I’m a bit surprised to see everything blow up this early. We still have half a season left to go, so I’m very curious to see where we are headed from here. Obviously, we have a manhunt for Ty at this point, who could be a very dangerous wild card, especially if Avery cuts ties with him the way he cut ties with Choo Choo. (Avery wouldn’t have much manpower if he did that, but it would protect him from getting arrested.) I could definitely see Ty turning on his boss and either sharing with the marshals or Boyd what he knows about the operation in order to save himself.

The marshals also managed to save the call girl, but I don’t imagine she’ll actually be much help, especially since they already have enough at this point to pin the murder on Ty’s team.

Either way, things are definitely ramping up and I’m very excited for next week.

And another thing …

  • Catherine and Avery are both pretty convinced the other one is the rat. At this point, I’m assuming neither one of them actually is, but I can’t figure out who else it could be that would actually matter.
  • I will never get tired of Tim busting Raylan’s balls.
  • “The good thing about people thinking you’re dumb is they tend to give you the benefit of the doubt.” Rest in peace, Choo Choo, you gentle giant. You were too good for this world.
  • I love the phrase “unknown unknown.” I’ll definitely have to steal that one.


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