Tara’s photos – Hobo Tara returns

Hey there, boys and girls!

As you all know, HoboTrashcan has now officially entered the Terrible Twos, kicking and screaming and careening headfirst into the next year. And guess what? I am still a hobo at heart.

When I was originally asked to be the official website girl for HoboTrashcan, I was beside myself. Me? How did they know I was a really a down and dirty vagabond underneath this glamorous exterior? Is it because they noticed that I eat beans out of cans? Or because I classily chug diesel-fuel-smelling vodka from nippy bottles? Or because I keep a switchblade in my back pocket, just in case I need to cut a dude’s ear off for ganking my sleeping bag or bogarting the community bonfire?

All I know is that this hammy chick likes to ride the rails. Thus, in honor of HoboTrashcan’s two-year anniversary, I dug out my camera, donned my best cotton bandana and snapped some photos down at the train yard to show that I am still a Boxcar Betty, hopping trains and bouncing from one boxcar to another.

As always … catch you on the next train to anywhere!

In whiskey we trust.

– Tara

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