Hobo Radio 367 – Older beardless hipster dude

This week’s episode starts with a shocking reveal … Lars Periwinkle has shaved. That’s right, Big Vinegar has gone babyface. Older Bearded Hipster Dude is beardless.

After investigating this jaw-dropping turn of events, Joel Murphy shares some good news and some bad news. And, the dynamic duo discusses Quentin Tarantino’s preference for VHS tapes, Hugh Jackman’s choice for his Wolverine replacement and a new video game that lets you reason with monsters instead of slaying them.

Has Lars become a junior G-man? Are Helen Mirren’s topless days on-screen officially behind her? Is this the year Joel and Lars can finally sing “Happy Birthday” to each other without fear of a lawsuit? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

This week’s music:

  • Intro – “Giddy Up” by Tahuna Breaks
  • End – “Dance to the Music in My Head” by The New Bohemians


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