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Hobo Radio 104 – YEEAAAAH!

Introduction Jay Leno vs. David Caruso Baltimore, hon Contractually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 104 Spotlight: YEEAAAAH! David Caruso has battled a lot of bad guys on CSI: Miami, but none of them are as evil as Jay Leno. Luckily, Caruso and Leno have been battling it out

Hobo Radio 103 – What are we trying to say?

Introduction Jay Leno Evening news George Lucas and Steven Spielberg Contractually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 103 Spotlight: What are we trying to say? Only Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle could have a talk about the evening news somehow devolve into a discussion of fake scientists, overpriced shooters

Hobo Radio 102 – Pulling back the curtain

Introduction Remembering Captain Lou Pulling back curtain, Pt. 1 Large Hadron Collider Pulling back curtain, Pt. 2 Contractually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 102 Spotlight: Pulling back the curtain If you ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look at how a professional podcast is recorded … well, clearly you are