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Hobo Radio 97 – All Saints Day

Introduction Boondock Saints II Martin Lawrence movies Lars defends District 9 Contractually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 97 Spotlight: All Saints Day In 1999, a little film by Troy Duffy entitled The Boondock Saints was released in theaters with little fanfare. The movie tanked at the box office,

Hobo Radio 96 – Ecstasy-induced, hungry, aggressive, angry sex

Introduction Where have we been? Breaking news A hilarious story A moneymaking scheme Contractually-obligated Batman discussion [display_podcast] Week 96 Spotlight: Ecstasy-induced, hungry, aggressive, angry sex For two weeks, Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle have been M.I.A. from their weekly Hobo Radio podcasts. Their dozens of loyal listeners

Hobo Radio 94 – Crack open a cold one

[Editor’s Note: In addition to this regularly scheduled podcast, we also have a special bonus podcast this week featuring audio highlights from our interview with David Ramsey. If you aren’t subscribed to our RSS feed, you can find the podcast at the bottom of this post.] Introduction