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Hobo Radio 67 – The Old Man and the Socialist

Introduction Political discussion “A Few Honest Words (Remix)” by Ben Sollee feat. DJ 2nd Nature Week 67 Spotlight: The Old Man and the Socialist In past years, those looking to be scared on Halloween might pop in a DVD of their favorite vampire or zombie movie. This

Hobo Radio 66 – Party poopers

Introduction Halloween costumes Drinking advice Contractually obligated Batman discussion – Batman vs. Superman “Your Year” by Last Letter Read Week 66 Spotlight: Party poopers While Joel Murphy and Lars are used to being the life of the party wherever they go, their refusal to wear costumes to

Hobo Radio 65 – Ranting and raving

Introduction Joe the Plumber Billy Bob Thornton, ladies man Pulling back the curtain Hobo Stu Contractually obligated Batman discussion “Code Monkey” by Jonathan Coulton Week 65 Spotlight: Ranting and raving You have probably all realized by now that Joel Murphy is filled with a considerable amount of