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One on One with Michael Emerson

From the moment he first arrived on screen claiming to be an innocent balloonist marooned on the island, Benjamin Linus has been an unstoppable force on Lost. While normally depicted as a cold and calculating villain, it now seems that Linus is the only character who can

Hobo Radio 75 – That’s f’ing distracting!

Introduction The Wrestler update Contractually obligated Batman discussion Christian Bale, Michael Phelps and the Super Bowl “Bale Out (Christian Bale remix)” by RevoLucian [display_podcast] Week 75 Spotlight: That’s f’ing distracting! In the last seven days, many things have changed. Christian Bale had a public meltdown on the

Hobo Radio 74 – This time with feeling

Introduction Super Bowl Sunday The Wrestler Contractually obligated Batman discussion Shout out to Callburner and the TPN Pledge Drive “Better Off” by Car 54 [display_podcast] Week 74 Spotlight: This time with feeling This Sunday, the world’s oldest man will square off against a defrosted caveman in what