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Hobo Radio – The Dork Knights

Introduction Lars is a hottie, isn’t trying to be Bono A sad Christian Bale story The Dark Knight reviewed “That Spells DNA” by Jonathan Coulton Week 53 Spotlight: The Dork Knights. Last Friday, on “Batman Day,” Joel and Lars got all giddy in anticipation for The Dark

Hobo Radio – Batman Day

Introduction Introducing Lars Batman Day “Empty Bottles” by Deadly Sins Week 52 Spotlight: Batman Day. The day has finally arrived. After months of Internet hype, the highly anticipated summer blockbuster filled with amazing action sequences and glorious explosions hits theaters today … and no, we aren’t talking

Hobo Radio – Whatever you do, don’t ask about her tattoos

Introduction Tara, HoboTrashcan’s official site girl Remembering George Carlin Mini-me’s sex tape Tattoos “Hero” by Transmission Fields Week 51 Spotlight: Whatever you do, don’t ask about her tattoos. Many fans of the site have wondered what happened to HoboTrashcan’s official site girl Tara. She was once a

Hobo Radio – The last form of free media

Introduction Justin Foster, tap dancing superstar Hobo Radio’s million dollar give-away What the hell is wrong with society? “Katie” by Adam Ezra Group Week 50 Spotlight: The last form of free media. The economy is in the toilet, gas prices are through the roof and most Americans

Hobo Radio – A cromulent Simpsons spectacular

Introduction Joe Dunn and webcomic innovations The Simpsons “Grind” by Melt Week 49 Spotlight: A cromulent Simpsons spectacular. On 6-6-06, the day of the beast, the first Hobo Radio podcast was unleashed on the world. Two years later, the show is in a state of flux –