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Perfectly Legal – Christmas from the diaphragm

Carrie Nations The mall was filled with anxious shoppers darting in and out of busy stores. Strung along the ceilings and walls were attempts to make the shopping center look festive – wreaths with big red bows, gold lights and plenty of fake snow adorned every nook

Perfectly Legal – Secret Lover

Carrie Nations “He called me last night,” Ashley told us, excitement showing on her face. The guy she was referring to was the “love of her life.” We knew nothing about him except that she had met him years ago and they had kept in touch ever

One on One with Annie Duke

Annie Duke isn’t your typical poker player. As if being a woman in a male dominated sport wasn’t tough enough, Duke has to juggle raising four kids with a life on the road. As poker’s popularity continues to explode, so does Duke’s success. In 2004, she won