Guest Blog Post – “My Baby” by Lil Romeo is one of my favorite songs ever, which is not embarassing

[Editor’s Note: Today, as an added bonus here on our first week as the new and improved HoboTrashcan, we are bringing you a special guest blog from the talented pop culture blogger SARAHSPY.]

So, during college circa 2002, I worked at the Gap, which, like any other mall store, relies on a monthly “soundtrack” a few hours-long that plays and re-plays all the livelong day. “My Baby” by Lil Romeo – in which the son of Master P samples Michael Jackson – was one such track within the Gap Kids section of our store.

Whenever this song came on, my day was totally made. In the six years since, I’ve searched for it online to no avail … only to realize this week that I had the artist confused. I’d been searching for Lil Bow Wow this whole time! (Idiot.)

I’m so happy to be reunited with one of my favorite summertime tunes. You MUST check out this live clip of the song – featuring both Lil Romeo and his dad, performing at Michael Jackson’s 30th anniversary tribute concert.

HOW GOOD IS THIS?!? Don’t you want to watch that video over and over? Maybe learn all the words??

The fact that Master P had them dress exactly the same, down to the shiny bling pendant, proves how proud he is of his son. I would be too. I also would appreciate if the next time a dude turns me down for a relationship that I felt had the potential to be really spectacular, he would at least have the decency to write me a song that I can dance to.

On a rather sad sidenote – Lil Romeo hasn’t aged so well. In this more recent video for “My Cinderellah,” he’s still trying to pull off that little “okay” laughing sidenote during the chorus (which I love in “My Baby”), but it’s not cute or awesome anymore. Guy probably should’ve taken a hiatus during the awkward teen years and come back to us later, when he’s comfortable turning that childhood spunk into something mean and palpable for the masses. His current songs are junk and you should not bother with them. But you should watch the “My Baby” video at least four hundred times.

To read more of SARAHSPY’s writing, check out her blog.

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