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Silver Linings Playback 30 – Catch that Kid

This week, Joel and Andy watch Catch that Kid, the 2004 caper film starring Kristen Stewart as the leader of a trio of teenage bank robbers who need cash to pay for her father's experimental surgery.

Silver Linings Playback 28 – Hackers

For the month of November, Joel and Andy are watching heist films. This week, it's Hackers, the 1995 drama about a group of high school cybercriminals starring Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie and Matthew Lillard.

Silver Linings Playback 27 – Money Plane

In Money Plane, Darius "The Rumble" Grouch III (Kelsey Grammar) hires Jack Reese (Adam "Edge" Copeland) and his team to take down the "Money Plane," a flying casino full of criminals who can bet on any illegal activity they want. Together, Joel and Andy find its silver

Silver Linings Playback 26 – Jason X

This week, Joel and Andy watch Jason X, the tenth installment in the Friday the 13th franchise. Set in the year 2455, a cryogenically-frozen Jason Voorhees thaws out and wreaks havoc on a spaceship.