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Silver Linings Playback 21 – Knowing

Joel Murphy and Andy McIntyre watch Knowing, a film where Nicholas Cage plays a MIT professor who receives a letter from a time capsule predicting 50 years worth of disasters. It's a wild ride - and together Joel and Andy find its silver lining.

Silver Linings Playback 18 – Son of Godzilla

Joel and Andy find a silver lining in Son of Godzilla, the 1967 Japanese kaiju film that sees Godzilla forgo smashing tall buildings in order to focus on raising his son, Minilla, who has a knack for getting into life-threatening situations.

Silver Linings Playback 17 – Octopussy

Joel and Andy watch the 1983 Roger Moore James Bond film Octopussy, which for some reason climaxes with Bond wearing full clown makeup to save the titular Octopussy from being blown up during a circus act.