Management Update – I heart free candy!

One thing I learned at a young age is that you should always accept free candy from strangers (especially if they are dressed like a clown and cruising around in windowless van). So when the nice people over at Sweet Services offered to send me five pounds of candy for free, I jumped at the opportunity.

My free candy arrived today and as you can see from the photo above, it appears to be razor blade and cyanide-free. As you can also see from the photo above, the bag is as big as my head, which means I will be eating nothing but candy for the foreseeable future. So I want to sincerely thank everyone over at Sweet Services for this awesome gift and I encourage any of you readers who are in the market for giant bags of candy to check them out.

I’d also like to thank them for their kind words about HoboTrashcan. Surely they must have realized that I’m enough of a whore that sending me free candy would get them a plug on this site, so it was incredibly nice of them to say: “It isn’t even the topics themselves – it is the hilarious, LOL, banter that keeps you reading and wanting more!”

So thank Sweet Services, you rock. And anyone else out there who would like to send me free things, hit me up at

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