Hobo Radio 144 – This cookie tastes funny

  • Introduction
  • A John Belushi biopic
  • Rhys Darby is the new Michael Scott
  • Smell-enhanced augmented reality
  • Lars and Joel Time
  • “I Will Burn” by Chris Miller

A research team in Tokyo has created a way to change the taste of a cookie using virtual reality technology. While trying to discover a practical use for such an invention, Joel Murphy and Lars inadvertently stumble upon the greatest prank of all time. It’s an incredibly juvenile and unpleasant prank, but one they just can’t stop laughing about.

The dynamic duo also discuss Todd Phillips planned John Belushi biopic, Steve Carell’s replacement on The Office and Michael Bay’s open casting call in D.C.

Who could play Belushi in Phillips’ movie? Why were rock stars’ tour buses always breaking down in front of 80s sitcom characters’ houses? Will the David Caruso bit ever stop being funny? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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