Tales from the Road

[Editor’s Note: To celebrate HoboTrashcan’s five-year anniversary, we are bringing back five defunct site features for one week only. Check back every day this week to be overwhelmed with nostalgia.]

Dupont Circle is known for its colorful characters, and this gentlemen was no different. After he spotted me taking this picture he told me his story, which included being in the Pink Berets (Special Forces, of course) under George H. Bush. He received a dishonorable discharge by the former President for failing to complete his mission: invade Canada.

– Neil Greenberg

Click the photo to enlarge. Tales from the Road originally ran on HoboTrashcan from August 2005 to March 2007 and was originally done by Hillary Dempster. For more of Neil Greenberg’s work, follow him on Flickr and Twitter.

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