Hobo Radio 148 – Chock full of nickels

  • Introduction
  • Remembering Robert Schimmel
  • Too much mediocre TV
  • 10 Ways to Get Your Dream Woman
  • Lars and Joel Time
  • “When the Morning Becomes Afternoon” by Mola

If Joel Murphy and Lars had a nickel for every time they belittled David Spade, they would be very rich men. Luckily, this week Lars envisions a scenario in which they can finally collect those nickels.

The dynamic duo also offer a public service to their lonely male listeners by sharing AskMen.com’s “10 Ways to Get Your Dream Woman.” (It turns out the key to landing a hot woman is to do the exact opposite of what AskMen suggests.) Also this week, they pay tribute to the late Robert Schimmel, talk about their friends’ annoying tendency to recommend bad TV shows and thank Kate Winslet for being so awesome.

What’s better than a sack full of nickels? Why does Lars know so much about yoga? How can you land a “Total 10” woman? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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