Hobo Radio – Whatever you do, don’t ask about her tattoos

  • Introduction
  • Tara, HoboTrashcan’s official site girl
  • Remembering George Carlin
  • Mini-me’s sex tape
  • Tattoos
  • “Hero” by Transmission Fields

Week 51 Spotlight: Whatever you do, don’t ask about her tattoos.

Many fans of the site have wondered what happened to HoboTrashcan’s official site girl Tara. She was once a monthly staple, writing witty posts and taking sexy photos. Then, she disappeared.

This week, Tara resurfaces as a special Hobo Radio guest co-host and she reveals what brought an end to her photo shoots. She also shares her thoughts on the passing of George Carlin and the disturbing Mini-me sex tape. But, most of all, she is on the show to warn people to stop asking stupid questions about her tattoos.

Why did Tara stop taking photos? What is her obsession with Swiffer products? Did she really drop a c-bomb on air? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s show.

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