Hobo Radio 54 – The end of staycations

  • Introduction
  • Batman villains
  • Pizza tracking
  • The end of staycations
  • “Thumbmasta” by Codi Jordan

Week 54 Spotlight: The end of staycations.

Alexander Hamilton once said, “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” This week, in honor of the man on the 10 dollar bill, Joel Murphy makes a stand against a horrible injustice – the use of the word “staycation.”

“Staycation” is a new word used to describe when someone takes a vacation from work, but stays in their home instead of traveling somewhere else. But Murphy refuses to let this word sneak into our lexicon and is seeking to put an end to staycations. Let’s hope Murphy’s call to arms ends better than when Alexander Hamilton took a stand against Aaron Burr.

Why does Murphy hate the word staycation so much? Who will be the villain in the next Batman movie? Is Lars’ last name really Periwinkle? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s show.

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