Hobo Radio 62 – Do you believe in magic?

  • Introduction
  • Contractually obligated Batman discussion
  • David Blaine and the sad state of magic
  • “Basis of everything” by Delorentos

Week 62 Spotlight: Do you believe in magic?

In his latest publicity stunt, David Blaine suspended himself upside down for 60 hours, then did a “dive of death” in front of a live crowd. Only he didn’t actually hang upside down for 60 straight hours; he took 10 minute breaks every hour. And he used a harness for his “dive of death,” which stopped him from falling well before he reached the ground. The stunt was capped off with him “flying away” while still attached to the harness.

While the stunt only earned ABC 7.7 million viewers for the night, clips from the two-hour special surfaced on the Internet and news outlets gave Blaine the publicity he was so desperately speaking. Even Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle can’t resist talking about him on this week’s show, even though they both agree that the guy needs to stop doing these ridiculous and unsatisfying stunts.

Why do they hate David Blaine so much? Is there any hope for the future of magic? Does Joel have a stroke at the end of the podcast? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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