Hobo Radio 119 – It all sucks

  • Introduction
  • Fan mail
  • Shutter Island
  • Kevin Smith
  • Contractually-obligated Batman discussion
  • “Geek” by The Crazy Ivans

Week 119 Spotlight: It all sucks

In the eyes of Joel Murphy and Lars, Shutter Island, Kevin Smith’s battle with Southwest Airlines and Superman all share one thing in common – they all suck.

It doesn’t matter if you are talking about Leonardo DiCaprio battling crazy people, Kevin Smith battling the fatty-haters at Southwest or Superman battling an array of lame villains. The end result is still the same – piles and piles of suck. Luckily, mocking things that they dislike has become the bread and butter of Hobo Radio, so this week our dynamic duo is in rare form.

What is Martin Scorsese so enamored with Leonardo DiCaprio? How much would you pay to own Batman’s first appearance in Detective Comics? What team was Jeremy Irons playing for in Die Hard With A Vengeance? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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