Hobo Radio 134 – Where’s my sexy voice?

  • Introduction
  • Remembering Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper and Rue McClanahan
  • The state of sitcoms
  • James Cameron saves BP
  • Top 100 characters of the past 20 years
  • Donald Glover as Spider-man
  • Contractually-obligated Batman discussion
  • “Happy Ending” by The Atomic Love Bombs

Most people, when they are under the weather, get a smooth Barry White-esque sick voice. It’s the one silver lining when you aren’t feeling well. Unfortunately though for Joel Murphy (and for you listeners), he’s sick this week and his voice is far from Barry White-esque.

Still Murphy soldiers on. He and Lars share their thoughts on current state of The Office and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (click that link for the video mentioned on the podcast), James Cameron’s plans to stop BP’s oil leak and Donald Glover’s chances of being the first black Spider-man. They also remember Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper and Rue McClanahan, who all sadly passed away this past week.

What is the best way to fix American sitcoms? Why is Rachel from Friends ranked so high on Entertainment Weekly‘s Top 100 Characters of the Past 20 Years poll? Will Joel make it through the show without collapsing or losing his voice? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

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