Hobo Radio 187 – Mad Glibs, brought to you by Fruity O’s

  • Introduction
  • Time travel and fashion
  • Mad Libs
  • Reese Witherspoon’s donkeys
  • Canz
  • People you should know … Harry Dean Stanton
  • Box Office Preview
  • “The Big Easy” by Crooked Saint

This week Joel Murphy and Lars wanted to pay tribute to Leonard B. Stern by doing some Mad Libs on the show. However, they are forced to settle for doing “Mad Glibs,” a cheap Internet knockoff. But being the consummate professionals they are, they soldier on and make the most of it.

They also discuss Reese Witherspoon’s donkeys, the perils of time travel and Canz, a new restaurant that is trying to steal business from Hooters. The dynamic duo also tells you why you should know Harry Dean Stanton and they offer up a Box Office Preview on what is shaping up to be another lackluster week at the movies.

Why don’t Joel and Lars wear suits more often? Why can’t Joel say the word “adjectives”? What million dollar idea do the boys have for a new chain restaurant? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

Hobo Radio is the official podcast of HoboTrashcan, brought to you by The Podcast Network.

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