One on One with Allie Haze

Allie Haze showed up
to her audition with her hair already in Carrie Fisher’s trademark buns to ensure she snagged the part of Princess Leia in Vivid’s Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody. It’s no surprise that she not only landed the part, but a featured contract with one of the biggest names in the business.

We recently sat down with Haze and talked about playing Princess Leia, attending the AVN awards and her secret dream of one day starring in a SyFy original series.

How did you get into the business?

I originally got into the business because I wanted to have sex with chicks. That drew me in this direction. I was trying to find ways to play with women because I was a lesbian before I became a bisexual. Things went on from there. I started doing girl-girl scenes. The business seemed to really like me. I got an offer from a company to start doing girl-girl and I thought about it for a little bit and then went for it.

Once you made the decision to go for it, what is the process like? Who did you go out to or call to make it happen?

I did some interviews with a couple of different agencies and picked which one I wanted and that’s pretty much the end of it. I just did research on Google and looked through what was considered the top agencies in the business. Like I said, I went into a couple of them, talked to them and decided from there.

Did you have an image in your head starting out of what it was going to be like?

I don’t put expectations on anything in life, including when I got into the business. I don’t want to be disappointed with what I think something’s going to be. That’s kind of just my motto in general, I guess. So I didn’t really have any predetermined expectations of if I thought it was going to be really cool. I kind of just flew by the seat of my pants. I figured if I didn’t like it, I could always just walk away.

What’s a normal day on set like for you?

I did two years in the business without a contract, but now in my contract it’s definitely different because I work with the same group of people all the time, which is refreshing and fun. I get to see those people once a month. We get together and collaborate ideas and put together a good movie.

I wake up in the morning, head to set and sit in the makeup chair. If there’s a script that day, I go over the script and determine what scene we’re shooting first and talk with the makeup artist and figure out what hairstyle and makeup would best fit what we’re working on. Then it’s B. Skow and I, for the most part because he’s who I work with most of the time. I probably shoot with Axel [Braun] like two to three times a year, so I mainly work with Michael B. Skow. Him and I get together once I’m out of hair and makeup and start shooting.

Now that you are under contract with Vivid, do you audition for roles or do they just call you up and tell you they need you on set for a part?

I know ahead of time, I don’t just show up on set. Like we’re working on Clerks right now and I knew ahead of time. Originally when it got decided that Vivid was going to do Clerks, I didn’t think I was going to be in it. I just thought it was a movie we were going to be shooting. Then I got a call from Michael, from B. Skow, and he was like, “Would you like to be in Clerks? I have a perfect role that I think you would fit in and I’d really like you to be part of the movie if you want to be a part of it.”

For the most part, I get a choice of if I want to participate in something. If I felt the movie didn’t suit me or it just wasn’t my gig or it wasn’t my kind of thing, I’m sure I could say something. But for the most part, B. Skow knows what I like to do, so I’ve never really said no to a role.

And that’s just how it happens. Then for gonzo style stuff – I just shot a big butt style movie and I was known in the business before I signed with them for having a big butt. So it was just determined that I would be in the big butt one. Obviously not the big tit one because I don’t got those. [Laughs.] So it just kind of falls into place pretty much.

What role are you playing in the Clerks movie?

My character’s name is Dana. The script is kind of rewritten. I don’t know if I can really talk about it just yet. I don’t know how much I can tell.

Is it going to be in black and white like the original Clerks film?

I don’t know how he’s going to do it. I’ve obviously been having to do a lot of research and watching the movie over and over and over again and keep reading my script. I’m not sure what he’s going to end up doing with it. I don’t know if he has an idea already. I don’t really talk about that part of it. We just talk about style and costume and talent, things like that. Just suggestions for people and whatnot.

How much preproduction time is there? If you are researching it now, when will it start shooting?

We start shooting this Thursday and I’ve known about it for maybe two and a half or three weeks.

How long will you be filming?

This is a three-day shoot. Normally shoots are anywhere from three to five days depending on how big the movie is and things like that. When we shot Star Wars, that was 14 days because it was such a bigger production.

How did you get the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars XXX?

Like I said, I’d been in the business for two years before I signed with Vivid and I actually was not under contract with them when I got the role of Princess Leia. That kind of all happened after I got selected for the role.

It’s weird how fate determined it. I shot my very first scene for Vivid for B. Skow and then three days later I auditioned for Star Wars, which is obviously a completely different director – that’s Axel. I showed up for the auditioned dressed in normal street clothes, but I had my hair done and my makeup done to look like Princess Leia. I put my own buns in my hair and showed up like a big dorky geek and wanted the part bad enough. I guess, for whatever reason, Axel fell in love with me and thought I was perfect. That is a role that I did audition for.

At that point, Axel went to Steven [Hirsch] and said, “Oh my god, I just found this really great girl to play Princess Leia.” When, a couple of days earlier from that, B. Skow had also gone back to Steven and said, “Oh my god, I just found this really great girl. You really have to check her out.” That’s how my contract came about.

What was it about the role that made you want it badly enough to show up in buns? Were you a big Star Wars fan?

First off, because I really wanted to work with Axel. I have been trying to get in his movies from like the beginning of time, I feel like. I’ve been trying to be able to work with him and be a part of his films for a while.

So that, first and foremost, was the main reason. Then yes, I was a Star Wars fan growing up. I became a Star Wars fan due to Harrison Ford. I was a big Harrison Ford fan before I was a Star Wars fan. Then naturally, once I watched the Star Wars movies, I fell in love with them.

I grew up kind of a sci-fi geek. On weekends spending time with my grandma, my grandma loved the SyFy Channel. All we would do is lay in bed all day for eight hours and watch the SyFy Channel. I’m big on sci-fi stuff.

I also just did the Emanuele series on Cinemax, which is all sci-fi. So I guess I just fit really well with the weird and unordinary kind of stuff. [Laughs.]

Were you and your grandmother watching all of those cheesy SyFy Original Movies like Rock Monster and Ogre?

Yes. And like Stargate. I watched the original Stargate TV shows and Tremors was always on there – whether it be I, II, III, IV, V or VI. They were all always on. We would definitely do that. But yeah, we would always watch the original movies and things like that that they had going on.

If I could do one thing with my life – and don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with my life right now, I’m very successful and very blessed to have the opportunities I do – but probably like my one dream would be to have my own sci-fi series. I don’t even care if it makes it two seasons. I just want one season. I want some strange sci-fi series, that would be the best thing ever.

What type of sci-fi series would you want to do? What type of character would you want to play?

I have the worst imagination. That sounds so lame, especially with all the stuff I do with my life, for me to not have that much of an imagination. But it’s the same way when people always ask me the question: what’s your next fantasy? When it comes to thinking into the future or coming up with things, I’m not very good at it for some reason. I really have to have somebody pitch something to me obviously.

I really like the Stargate stuff – being part of another planet, but still being normal or being human. I really like that theory. But then I like the theory of having my own powers or being some weird creature. There’s so many options when you think sci-fi. It’s really hard to be like, “Oh, this is my favorite idea.”

Have you at least given any thought to what power you’d want to have?

You know, if I could have some kind of like sci-fi creature power, I would want like x-ray vision or something to do with my eyes. Everybody says I have really, really great eyes, at least in the porno world. Though that might be for other purposes. [Laughs.]

I’ve always liked that about Superman too, that he had lasers in his eyes and could see into buildings.

So now all we need is someone from the SyFy Network to pitch you on a show where you have some sort of eye powers.

I bet you I would take it. Even if it was like a power of disintegrating poo or something. [Laughs.] I would probably still take it.

With Star Wars and with Emanuele, you are doing a fair amount of acting now. Is that something you really enjoy and want to do more of going forward?

I’ve always kind of been an actress. My mom raised me as one. I was in theatre when I was in high school. I was an honors thespian. I traveled with my school all over competing, monologues, all that kind of stuff. Acting has always been a huge part of my life. I went to an acting coach when I was younger. I always really wanted to be an actress. I’m sure my family concluded that that would be something that would be a part of my life.

We had the [premiere] for Star Wars XXX and we watched the non-sex version of it and it’s an hour long without any sex in it.

They really do have everything you’d expect to see from the original movie included in there.

You can’t cut that out. If you cut that out, then the Star Wars fans will know. There’s no way to rewrite that script leaving things out.

Are you signed on to play Princess Leia in the next two films?

As long as I’m around and nothing horrible happens to me – knock on wood. I will definitely be a part of that. I will continue on to wear the gold bikini and do all the fun things she gets to do, which I’m really excited about. Everybody asks me if I had fun making the film and if I was really excited about it. And I was really excited about it, but I’m excited to do the other ones because in the first one Princess Leia really isn’t that relevant. It’s all about understanding Luke and where he’s coming from and who he is and what is journey is about to become. I just happen to pop in there because I need saving.

I’m really excited to see how they write her in in the other scripts. I’m more excited to do two and three. Although they’re not called two and three.

You got to fire a blaster in this one, but there’s definitely more action for Leia in the next two films.

Exactly. That’s what I’m excited for. I’m excited to do her real attitude, her being a real jerk sometimes and just being a know-it-all. That’s what I’m excited to play that part of her.

And you get to choke out Jabba the Hutt, which has got to be exciting.

I don’t know. I don’t know if they’re going to write it. Maybe I won’t be choking him out.

What’s it like to be nominated for an AVN Award and to attend that ceremony?

Oh wow. Each year has been different for me that I participated in the whole AVN extravaganza weekend. This is my third year participating and luckily ever since I’ve been in the business I’ve been able to go.

When I say AVN, I also mean the expo too. The first year, I just did the expo. I signed for Girlfriend Films and I did just the expo and never got tickets to the actual physical awards because I wasn’t nominated for anything because I’d only been in the business for three months. None of my movies were out during the time of nomination.

The second year I signed for Mile High Media. I was real big with Mile High Media then. That’s when I was nominated for Best New Starlet, Best Girl-Girl-Boy, Most Outrageous Scene. I had five nominations my second year. That was a really cool experience being able to sit in the audience. I had really great seats, which was really cool. I was fourth row on those ones. It was definitely a lot of fun, really different.

When I won my award my first year I won for Most Outrageous Scene, but it was actually one of the awards that just came up on the screen. It wasn’t one that you got called up there and got to walk on the stage.

And then this year I was nominated for seven awards, which I was so honored to be nominated for. It’s so amazing to get a chance to work for all of these companies and then be recognized by them individually even after I’m in my contract. They still felt that my presence in their lives and shooting with them during that time that I wasn’t exclusive was important enough to submit for nomination.

Which was really cool because a lot of times people think it’s political and all these other things when it comes to our awards. Part of me thought that I wouldn’t get a lot of nominations because why would companies want to nominate me because if I win, how would that be beneficial to them? I can no longer shoot for them because I’m exclusively with Vivid.

So I was really honored when I saw all of these nominations from all of these companies that had recognized the work I had done with them, which was really awesome. And even though I didn’t win anything this year, I did get to go on stage because I had the cool honor of presenting an award, which was really, really awesome. It was a lot of fun and a different experience. You wouldn’t think that we’d have teleprompters and all these amazing things that go into this production for our award show. It was really, really cool.

I’m excited to see what happens next year obviously because Star Wars is now in the running for awards and then I have a couple of movies going out with Vivid that I’ve been working really, really hard on. I’m excited to see what they do.

Did you have a speech prepared last year in case you won?

No. I have a small group of people to thank, so there was really no need for the preparation.

But you don’t want in the moment to forget somebody. You’re going to get really excited when you win and you’re going to get up there and the last thing you want to do is forget someone’s name because they’ll never let you hear the end of that.

Eh, oh well. If they can’t forgive me for being excited, maybe they didn’t need to be thanked anyway. [Laughs.]

Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

I think everybody knows everything about me; I’m on Twitter.

What would you be doing for a living if you never got into porn?

I was going to college to be a firefighter. I was studying at Crofton Hills College. I was in a really bad accident, so I only made it halfway through the program. The thing in those programs is once you start, you can’t miss any days for any reason. I was in the hospital, they knew what was going on, but I would have had to restart the program over, so I just ended up being a bartender instead. Then I went to porn.

What does the future hold for you?

I really don’t know. As I said before, I really don’t like to make predictions on things or expectations or things like that. As far as me, eventually I’d like to start producing my own movies and directing and having my own ideas get out there and things like that.

I’m working on my website right now and my store, so there’s a lot going into that, which is really exciting. It’s crazy being a businesswoman. I’m only 25 and I own my own corporation, which is really surreal sometimes. It’s also really awesome to be able to succeed at such a young age.

So I don’t know. I would like to direct and produce and get started in that avenue this year. We’ll see what happens. We’ll see what Vivid has in store for me. They’re such a great company to work for. I’m not nervous or scared, I’m excited to see what they throw at me.

Interviewed by Joel Murphy. You can read our SFW review of Star Wars XXX here. Follow Allie Haze on Twitter @alliehaze.

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