Murphy’s Law – I wrote a BoJack Horseman spec script

Joel Murphy

Joel Murphy

Back in May, I wrote a spec script for BoJack Horseman to submit for a writing program. There was a list of current shows you could choose from and I selected BoJack because it’s one of my favorites. It has a such a rich world that allows for broad comedy and dark drama to somehow coexist.

As I was looking for ideas for the script, current events crept into my brain. I started thinking about BoJack pretending to be a conservative in order to get cast in a Mel Gibson film and win an Oscar.

Then, as you do, I came up with a B-story about Todd and Character Actress Margot Martindale grifting tourists.

I like how the script turned out. Since I never heard back about the writing program and since the show is about to drop a new season, I figured I’d share it here for you guys to enjoy.

BoJack spec script

(You can download the PDF directly here.)


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