Waiting for Lars – A Special Bonus Hobo Radio Podcast

Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle invited their friends from the Peak Sloth Podcast Network to celebrate their 500th episode. However, Joel and their friends ended up with some time to kill as they waited for Lars to arrive at the studio … so they decided to turn that experience into a podcast.

Joel and fellow wait-ers Marty McGuire (from We Have to Ask), Joe Taylor and Christopher Scarborough (from The Curioso) share stories of other times they waited for Lars. They also discuss their love for Lars (and why they put up with his tardiness). And they talk about Joe’s bizarre disdain for Ted Danson, problematic 80s movies, people who get nervous before their wedding and the BFI’s decision to no longer fund movies where villains have facial scars.

This week’s music:

  • Intro – “Hold Music by Steve Combs


Hobo Radio is part of the Peak Sloth Podcast Network. Hear more shows at PeakSloth.com.

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